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dtd2vim : Script for creation XML data file for Vim7 XML omni-completion from DTDs

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created by
Mikolaj Machowski
script type
Script for creation XML data file for Vim7 XML omni-completion from DTDs
Requires: perl and perlSGML (tested against 1997Sep18 version)


   Copy into your $PATH


   dtd2vim <file.dtd> [<dialectname>]

This command will create file <file.vim> (remove .dtd extension and add .vim;
other extensions will remain intact).

<dialectname> (not obligatory) will be part of dictionary name and will be
used as argument for :XMLns command (file name - sans extensions) have to be
the same.

perlSGML and this script doesn't work with multiple files. User has to
prepare single DTD file to parse all data.

In created file global variable is named g:xmldata_<dialectname>. When second
argument wasn't provided 'xxxx' will be used.
After that place file in:


directory. Of course it can be also global directory or other Vim data
hierarchy of files. Example for  DocBook 4.4:
DTD is in file docbook.dtd, call command with

   dtd2vim.pl docbook.dtd docbook44

Put file as:

Omni-completion for DocBook 4.4 files will be started with:

   :XMLns docbook44


install details
Copy in your $PATH

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
dtd2vim 2.0 2006-04-25 7.0 Mikolaj Machowski - not all element children were properly recognized
- comment out lines responsible for detection of obligatory attributes, too many false positives; uncomment on your own responsibility
dtd2vim 1.1 2006-02-18 6.0 Mikolaj Machowski - generate 'info' field for attributes and tags (/> - EMPTY tag, * - required attribute)
- no extension
dtd2vim.pl 1.0 2006-02-12 6.0 Mikolaj Machowski Initial upload
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