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ada.vim : Ada language auto-indent settings

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created by
Neil Bird
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Sets indentexpr for Ada langauge; fairly comprehensive indent calculations, but don't expect 1G=G to work very well!  As it happens, it now seems to fare fairly well ...

Let me know if you find a situation you'd like fixed.

See also Ada ftplugin, vimscript #136.
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Replace delivered $VIMRUNTIME/indent/ada.vim with newer version.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
ada.vim 1.28 2004-11-23 6.0 Neil Bird A number of block-matching related bug fixes.
ada.vim 1.27 2004-02-24 6.0 Neil Bird A couple of block indent recoveries (patch by Robert Nowotniak)
ada.vim 1.26 2003-05-21 6.0 Neil Bird Fix indent / block-matching after forward procedure specifications (Meikel Brandmeyer).
ada.vim 1.25 2003-04-08 6.0 Neil Bird Fix 'end' after 'exception' mis-alignment.
Cope (hopefully) with multil-line 'thing is new other' declaration.
ada.vim 1.24 2002-08-05 6.0 Neil Bird Allow a procecure call's arg. list's leading "(" to be on next line (Serge Robyns).
Fix bug whilst checking for indent of previous multi-line statement after a ";".
ada.vim 1.22 2002-05-21 6.0 Neil Bird Cope correctly with generic package instances ('package is new' - Thomas Maier-Komor).
ada.vim 1.20 2002-04-05 6.0 Neil Bird Fix & enhance indent during/after record definitions (Donald Bindner).
ada.vim 1.19 2001-12-10 6.0 Neil Bird Stop 'beeping' bug when matching indent back to start of parenthesis pair.
ada.vim 1.18 2001-11-08 6.0 Neil Bird Initial upload
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