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GreedyBackspace.vim : Make backspace eat multiple whitespace characters

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created by
Christian J. Robinson
script type
This script will cause your backspace key to delete all the whitespace characters before the cursor when the cursor is on a whitespace character.

For example, if you typed "x       x" and then hit backspace twice, you'd only have "x".  This can be especially useful when auto/smart/c/expression indenting is on.

This script isn't very useful if you don't put "set backspace=indent,eol,start" or at least "set backsapce=indent,start" in your vimrc.

(Thanks to Tomi Mickelsson for testing and bug reports.)
install details
Source the script from your vimrc or just place it in your plugin directory.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
GreedyBackspace.vim 0.6 2022-08-22 9.0 Christian J. Robinson - Update to Vim 9 (no functionality added)
GreedyBackspace.vim 0.5 2005-11-23 6.0 Christian J. Robinson - When 'fileformat' was "dos" and g:greedybackspacenl was set too many characters could be deleted.
GreedyBackspace.vim 0.4 2005-11-16 6.0 Christian J. Robinson - g:greedybackspacenl = 1 wasn't working properly when the cursor was on the first character of a line.
GreedyBackspace.vim 0.3 2005-11-11 6.0 Christian J. Robinson - The 'smarttab' option was confusing the logic.
- You can now do ":let g:greedybackspacenl = 1" to cause the script to eat newlines as well.
GreedyBackspace.vim 0.2 2005-11-03 6.0 Christian J. Robinson - Commentary added.
- Syntax tweaks, no functional changes.
GreedyBackspace.vim 0.1 2005-10-31 6.0 Christian J. Robinson Initial upload
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