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user name Heptite
first name Christian J.
last name Robinson
email heptitegmailcom
registered Vim
user or sponsor
no, or user has chosen to conceal his donation

Script Contributions

ConvertBase.vim Convert to/from various numeric bases
tf.vim tf (TinyFugue) indent file
CreateMenuPath.vim Create a menu that mirrors a directory tree
HTML/XHTML Macros HTML/XHTML editing macros and menus
BufClose.vim Unload a buffer without closing the window it's in
BufOnly.vim Delete all the buffers except the current/named buffer
rcs.vim Automatically handle RCS files
GreedyBackspace.vim Make backspace eat multiple whitespace characters
Rename Rename a buffer within Vim and on disk
SmartX Smart deletion of \X escapes with the x/X/Backspace/Delete keys
CharSort Functions and mappings to sort the characters in a string
Tabmerge Merge a tab's windows with the current tab
RemoveFile.vim Remove a file from the disk
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