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CreateMenuPath.vim : Create a menu that mirrors a directory tree

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created by
Christian J. Robinson
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This file provides a function to create a menu that mirrors a directory tree.

CreateMenuPath({path} [, {menu name} [, {menu priority} [, {filename ignore pattern1} [, {filename ignore pattern2} ...]]]])

:call CreateMenuPath('~')   " Creates a menu of your home directory.

:call CreateMenuPath('~/public_html', 'Files.Web\ Page', '600.100', '\c.\(gif\|jpe\=g\|png\|ico\|bmp\|tiff\=\)$')  " Files.Web Page menu, priority 600.100, ignoring some image files.

A default filename ignore pattern is provided which ignores a number of image, audio and archive files, but it's incomplete.

The global variable "CMP_Recurse_Limit" can be set to specify the maximum sub-directory depth to scan.  Set it to 0 (the default) for infinite recursion.  Set it to 1 to scan only the specified directory.
install details
Either :source it or put it in your plugin directory.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
CreateMenuPath.vim 2.0 2008-05-23 7.0 Christian J. Robinson Update for Vim7:
  - Allow more than one ignore pattern argument
  - Looping over the found files is simpler
CreateMenuPath.vim 1.5 2002-03-15 6.0 Christian J. Robinson - Don't add a / or \ before the glob pattern if it's already there. (Fixes that a path of 'c:' wouldn't work.)
CreateMenuPath.vim 1.4 2002-01-24 6.0 Christian J. Robinson CMP_Recurse_Limit global variable added.
CreateMenuPath.vim 1.3 2002-01-18 6.0 Christian J. Robinson - Use a dummy menu item to prevent a torn off menu from disappearing. (Does not work in the PopUp menu.)
CreateMenuPath.vim 1.2 2002-01-10 6.0 Christian J. Robinson - Rescan menu item didn't work.
- Escape some characters in CD Here menu item.
- Create a ...More menu when the number of menu items exceeds 30, and add shortcut keys.
CreateMenuPath.vim 1.1 2002-01-10 6.0 Christian J. Robinson - Two menu items added:  "CD Here" and "Rescan"
- Clear the menu out before building it.  (Marcin Juszkiewicz)
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