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HTML/XHTML Macros : HTML/XHTML editing macros and menus

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Christian J. Robinson
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This is a set of HTML/XHTML mappings and menus for Vim 9 or later. The mappings will be local to the buffer so they won't interfere if you edit other files in the same Vim session.

The macros automatically insert a tag and position the cursor at the logical insert point.  For example, in insert the mapping ";ah" inserts <A HREF=""></A> and leaves the cursor between the double quotes.  If you were to visually highlight some text then type ";ah" it would wrap the tag around the text.  For example:
        some text
        <A HREF="">some text</A>
With the cursor positioned between the double quotes in insert mode. Or if you used ";aH" instead:
        <A HREF="some text"></A>
With the cursor positioned between the > and the < in insert mode.

There are many other features, such as a configurable template inserted with the ";html" normal mode macro, browser remote control mappings, etc.

See https://christianrobinson.name/assets/programming/faq.shtml for frequently asked questions.

See https://christianrobinson.name/assets/programming/HTML.html to preview the help file.
install details
Note: If you have an old installation of this plugin, you need to remove its files first or they may prevent the packed version from loading.

Put ":filetype plugin on" in your vimrc, then extract HTML.zip in your runtime directory (~/.vim for Unix, %USERPROFILE%\vimfiles for Windows; see ":help 'runtimepath'").

Alternatively you may use git. See: https://github.com/Heptite/HTML

See https://christianrobinson.name/HTML for more information, newer versions, and extra files.

(Until Vim 9 is officially released, you may download a recently patched version of Vim 8.2 for Windows that will support this plugin at: https://tuxproject.de/projects/vim/ Or try a nightly build: https://github.com/vim/vim-win32-installer/releases)

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script versions (upload new version)

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
HTML.zip 1.2.3 2022-02-28 9.0 Christian J. Robinson - Fix character entity conversion mappings
HTML.zip 1.2.2 2022-02-03 9.0 Christian J. Robinson - Update to latest Vim9 syntax
- Try to fix visual mapping issues
HTML.zip 1.2.1 2022-01-19 9.0 Christian J. Robinson - Small update with tweaks and to reflect the new vim9script syntax
HTML.zip 1.2.0 2022-01-16 9.0 Christian J. Robinson - More refactoring
- Under the hood optimizations
HTML.zip 1.1.16 2022-01-07 9.0 Christian J. Robinson - Update to use Vim9's revised import syntax
HTML.zip 1.1.15 2021-09-26 9.0 Christian J. Robinson - Tweaks, and speed improvements
- Some plugin commands are now local to the buffer
HTML.zip 1.1.14 2021-09-03 9.0 Christian J. Robinson - Support Brave browser
- Image tag WIDTHxHEIGHT updater now supports a couple more image types
HTML.zip 1.1.13 2021-08-30 9.0 Christian J. Robinson - Some bugs fixed
- Some refactoring
- Minor feature additions
HTML.zip 1.1.11 2021-08-22 9.0 Christian J. Robinson - Fixed a bug that crept in while trying to fix other bugs.
- Code tweaks.
HTML.zip 1.1.10 2021-08-18 9.0 Christian J. Robinson - Fix more bugs.
- Simplify some code.
HTML.zip 1.1.9 2021-08-16 9.0 Christian J. Robinson - Loading bug fixed.
- More entities.
- Moved config variables to a unified dictionary.
HTML.zip 1.1.8 2021-08-14 9.0 Christian J. Robinson - More bugs were found and squashed.
- Moved more data to json.
HTML.zip 1.1.7 2021-08-13 9.0 Christian J. Robinson - Some bugs crept in during the change over to json.
- Code improvements.
HTML.zip 1.1.6 2021-08-12 9.0 Christian J. Robinson - Fixed a serious bug loading the entities.
- Also load the tag mappings and menus via json.
HTML.zip 1.1.5 2021-08-11 9.0 Christian J. Robinson - Remove unused code.
- Make defining HTML entities with menus easier.
- Add an about command.
HTML.zip 1.1.4 2021-08-10 9.0 Christian J. Robinson - Separate constants to another file
- Rewrote the color selector code to use Vim's popups
- Other small changes
HTML.zip 1.1.3 2021-08-07 9.0 Christian J. Robinson - Allow switching between upper and lowercase tags.
- Fix menu handling bug.
HTML.zip 1.1.2 2021-08-06 9.0 Christian J. Robinson - Config option to allow the menu to be placed in another menu.
- Add more documentation tags.
HTML.zip 1.1.1 2021-08-04 9.0 Christian J. Robinson - More smart tags
- More bug fixes
- Overhaul some more code
HTML.zip 1.1.0 2021-08-01 9.0 Christian J. Robinson - Overhaul smart tag code, allowing many more tags to be "smart"
- Optimizations
- Documentation updates
HTML.zip 1.0.18 2021-07-30 9.0 Christian J. Robinson - Bug fixes
- Improve code for flexibility
- ;mi mapping now works in more contexts
HTML.zip 1.0.17 2021-07-28 9.0 Christian J. Robinson - Bug fixes and many code improvements
HTML.zip 1.0.16 2021-07-27 9.0 Christian J. Robinson - Better character entity conversion.
- Bug fixes.
HTML.zip 1.0.14 2021-07-24 9.0 Christian J. Robinson - Add "links" to available textmode browsers
- Use system menu.vim ToolBar items where applicable
- More refactoring and internal code improvements
- Bug fixes
HTML.zip 1.0.11 2021-07-21 9.0 Christian J. Robinson - Allow lynx and w3m to be opened in a :terminal
- Now available on github
HTML.zip 1.0.8 2021-07-18 9.0 Christian J. Robinson Some refactoring and logic changes, very little in the way of feature additions
HTML.zip 1.0.5 2020-11-09 9.0 Christian J. Robinson - Support more tags, including Server-Side Includes
- Many tweaks and bug fixes
HTML.zip 1.0.0 2020-10-22 9.0 Christian J. Robinson - Major refactor, now only supports Vim 9 (or a very recently patched version of Vim 8 if you have it)
HTML.zip 0.44.4 2020-10-14 8.2 Christian J. Robinson - Bug fixes
HTML.zip 0.44.3 2020-10-11 8.2 Christian J. Robinson - Transition to Vim 8.2 and begin transition to the upcoming Vim 9.0
HTML.zip 0.42.6 2020-02-21 7.2 Christian J. Robinson - Add <button> (;bn) tag, which is used by some frameworks
HTML.zip 0.42.5 2020-02-03 7.2 Christian J. Robinson - A few more HTML 5 tag mappings
- Housekeeping and bug fixes
HTML.zip 0.42.4 2020-02-02 7.2 Christian J. Robinson - Added super- and sub-script character entities
- Documented tags that are not HTML 5 compatible
- Internal housekeeping
HTML.zip 0.42.2 2020-01-31 7.2 Christian J. Robinson - More HTML 5 tag mappings
- Various tweaks and fixes
HTML.zip 0.42.1 2020-01-30 7.2 Christian J. Robinson - Default browser mapping for Unix wasn't working
HTML.zip 0.42.0 2020-01-28 7.2 Christian J. Robinson - Add support for specific browsers under Windows
- Several tweaks and fixes
HTML.zip 0.41.2 2020-01-27 7.2 Christian J. Robinson - Drop support for obsolete browsers
- More HTML 5 mappings
HTML.zip 0.41.1 2020-01-26 7.2 Christian J. Robinson - Add a few HTML 5 mappings -- more on request
- Make certain tags and the default template valid HTML for modern browsers (using CSS)
HTML.zip 0.40.2 2020-01-26 7.2 Christian J. Robinson - Add left/right single and double quote character entities
- Add mapping for HTML 5 doctype
HTML.zip 0.40.1 2012-11-26 7.2 Christian J. Robinson - More fraction entities added
- globpath() → findfile() for compatibility with Vundle (Leif Arne Storset)
HTML.zip 0.39.4 2011-10-01 7.2 Christian J. Robinson - Added:
  + <param> (;pm) mapping
  + • (&*) mapping
- Fixed:
  + Slight problem with the <noscript> (;ns) mapping
  + HTMLnextInsertPoint() (tab mapping) might not properly jump to the end of a closing comment dilimeter. (Samuel Ferencik)
HTML.zip 0.39.1 2011-08-04 7.2 Christian J. Robinson - Character entity conversion mappings can now encode to &#x..; hexadecimal strings, and decode them as well (Samuel Ferencik)
- Roman numeral character entity mappings added (Samuel Ferencik)
HTML.zip 0.38.1 2011-06-02 7.2 Christian J. Robinson - Euro entity mapping and menu (Samuel Ferencik)
- HTMLnextInsertPoint() sometimes didn't restore options (Samuel Ferencik)
- Entire scriptencoding has been changed to utf8 instead of partially latin1
HTML.zip 0.37.1 2011-04-21 7.2 Christian J. Robinson - Determining the Firefox remote command wasn't working properly (Fr. Robert Bower)
- Fr. Robert Bower added support for Google Chrome on Unix/Linux

(This script _might_ run okay on Vim 7.0/7.1, but it has not been tested -- 7.3 is preferred.)
HTML.zip 0.36.4 2010-08-07 7.0 Christian J. Robinson - More character entity mappings
- Minor changes
HTML.zip 0.36.3 2010-07-01 7.0 Christian J. Robinson - Various minor fixes
HTML.zip 0.36.1 2009-10-28 7.0 Christian J. Robinson - b:no_html_maps can be set like g:no_html_maps
- Israel Chauca Fuentes provided MacOS browser control code
- minor fixes and changes
HTML.zip 0.35.1 2008-06-15 7.0 Christian J. Robinson - Try to safely escape shell commands
HTML.zip 0.35 2008-06-10 7.0 Christian J. Robinson - Added:
  + The colors in the color menu can be displayed in a split window under the GUI, and colors can be selected from the display (;# mapping and :ColorSelect command)
  + g:no_html_map_override can be set to prevent the plugin from overriding already existing mappings, and now warning messages are printed when overriding takes place
  + g:no_html_maps can be set to a regular expression to tell the plugin not to define matching mappings
  + g:html_map_entity_leader can be used to define the character entity mapping leader--works like g:html_map_leader
  + MangleImageTag.vim (used by the ;mi mapping) no longer moves the cursor
  + Miscellaneous minor additions
- Miscellaneous fixes
- Significant refactoring to make maintaining the plugin easier
HTML.zip 0.34 2008-05-07 7.0 Christian J. Robinson - Removed code that was supporting Vim 6, thus:
  + MangleImageTag() used by ;mi mapping should now always compute correct size
  + Various code was simplified
HTML.zip 0.33.1 2008-04-29 6.0 Christian J. Robinson - Character entities for arrows and the Greek alphabet added
- This is the last version that will support Vim 6
HTML.zip 0.32.2 2008-04-13 6.0 Christian J. Robinson - Fixed:
  + Some of the "boolean" configuration variables weren't being tested right (Keith Lancaster)
  + Could get an error when (re-)initializing the menus
- Changed:
  + The ;& and ;% normal mode mappings now behave as operator (motion) mappings--use ;&l or ;%l to emulate the old behavior
- Added:
  + :HTMLmappings reload/html/xhtml can force reloading of the entire script, or switch the mappings into html/xhtml mode
- misc. minor fixes
HTML.zip 0.30 2008-03-07 6.0 Christian J. Robinson - Fixed:
  + Exclude leading indent from the start tag for visual mappings when in visual-line mode
- Added:
  + ;tH (<THEAD>), ;tf (<TFOOT>), and ;tb (<TBODY>) mappings added
HTML.zip 0.29.2 2007-09-10 6.0 Christian J. Robinson - Fixed:
  + Tab mapping wasn't positioning the cursor right when there were multiple spaces between a opening and closing tag
- Added:
  + Make the <html> tag include an xmlns attribute for XHTML
HTML.zip 0.29 2007-08-02 6.0 Christian J. Robinson - Added:
  + g:html_tag_case_autodetect configuration variable
- Fixed:
  + The HTMLnextInsertPoint() function was causing a press enter prompt
  + 'formatoptions' could make visual mappings behave wrong
- Other minor additions and fixes
HTML.zip 0.28.2 2007-06-29 6.0 Christian J. Robinson - Fixed:
  + Defining the menus failed entirely if g:no_html_toolbar was set
- Changes:
  + Add "Select Tag" and "Select Inner Tag" to the PopUp menu
  + Minor tweaks
HTML.zip 0.28 2007-06-24 6.0 Christian J. Robinson - Fixed:
  + Visual mode mappings weren't operating properly when 'selection' was set to "exclusive"
- Added:
  + ;db -- default browser mapping for Windows
HTML.zip 0.27.6 2007-06-12 6.0 Christian J. Robinson - Fixed:
  + Menus weren't getting disabled/enabled properly
- Changed:
  + <DT> and <DD> tags now have closing tags and visual mappings
  + ;;-style mapping for whatever g:html_map_leader is set to
  + Internal code changes
HTML.zip 0.27.4 2007-06-06 6.0 Christian J. Robinson - Added:
  + Smart handling of <EM></EM> tags
  + ;% mapping added -- like ;& but convert to %XX hex strings for URIs
- Changed:
  + Moved ;ns / ;nns mappings to ;ne / ;nne, and moved ;nj mappings to ;ns
HTML.zip 0.27.1 2007-05-31 6.0 Christian J. Robinson - Added:
  + g:force_html_menu can be set to force the HTML menus to be defined in the console
  + g:no_html_menu can be set to stop the menu and toolbar items from being defined
  + w3m browser preview under *nix
- Minor changes and fixes
HTML.zip 0.26.8 2007-05-18 6.0 Christian J. Robinson - Fixed:
  + MangleImageTag() used by ;mi mapping was missing some quotes and computing the wrong sizes when 'encoding' was UTF8 or similar
  + Tab on the end of a line in insert mode moved the cursor a character left
  + Temporarily clear the 'comments' option for the ;js mapping so extraneous // comments weren't inserted
- Various minor changes
HTML.zip 0.26.5 2007-04-23 6.0 Christian J. Robinson - Fixed:
  + When 'filetype' was set in a modeline ":HTMLmappings disable" didn't work
  + Mappings defined with HTMLmap()/HTMLmapo() outside the script weren't redefined when :HTMLmappings disable then enable was run
- Added:
  + ;aH, ;aT, ;aN, etc. now work in insert mode -- they get data from the clipboard
  + ;nj mapping for <NOSCRIPT><CR></NOSCRIPT> added
  + visual and normal mode mappings for ;ob
- Various minor changes and fixes
HTML.zip 0.26 2007-04-10 6.0 Christian J. Robinson - Added:
  + ":HTMLmappings disable/enable" command
  + %vimversion% template token
- Fixed:
  + Some recently added mappings weren't in the menu
  + Inserting the HTML template could trigger the "Press ENTER" prompt
HTML.zip 0.25.5 2007-03-30 6.0 Christian J. Robinson - New mappings:
  + ;sj mapping -- like ;js but for sourced JavaScript
  + ;^ mapping to decode &#...; encoded strings
  + ;& in insert mode inserts a literal &
- Minor changes
HTML.zip 0.25.1 2007-03-11 6.0 Christian J. Robinson - Allow b:html_template to be set in addition to g:html_template
- HTMLnextInsertPoint() used by the <tab> mapping now handles comments, and no longer requires an argument
- ;s4 mapping added -- Same as ;4 only strict rather than transitional
- %time%, %time12%, and %time24% template tokens added, and %date% token is now customizable
- b:do_xhtml_mappings was being ignored
HTML.zip 0.24 2007-02-22 6.0 Christian J. Robinson - In rare cases the script tried to re-enable the ToolBar buttons when they didn't exist
- g:no_html_tab_mapping can be defined to 'move' the <tab> mappings to ;<tab>
- misc. fixes and additions
HTML.zip 0.23.2 2006-12-12 6.0 Christian J. Robinson - Bug when testing for g:html_charset
- Fix a couple of the forms mappings
- Documentation updates and fixes
HTML.zip 0.23.1 2006-12-11 6.0 Christian J. Robinson - Dynamic charset support for the template and the ;ct mapping, based on the 'fileencoding', and 'encoding' options (but the conversion table is limited, see ":help html-author-notes")
- <option> tag wasn't properly closed
HTML.zip 0.22.2 2006-12-04 6.0 Christian J. Robinson - browser_launcher.vim: Bug in detecting the remote command
- ;me mapping wasn't properly positioning the cursor
- Minor documentation fixes
HTML.zip 0.22.1 2006-11-14 6.0 Christian J. Robinson - Make the leader of the ;-mappings configurable with g:html_map_leader
- Fix error when g:no_html_toolbar is set
HTML.zip 0.21.2 2006-10-13 6.0 Christian J. Robinson - ;im mapping wasn't properly positioning the cursor
- Minor improvement to the HTMLnextInsertPoint function used by the tab mapping
HTML.zip 0.21 2006-10-04 6.0 Christian J. Robinson - Basic support for XHTML added--see ":help g:do_xhtml_mappings"
- Misc. minor fixes
HTML.zip 0.20.4 2006-05-28 6.0 Christian J. Robinson - ;h1 - ;h6 and mappings no longer create center aligned tags, ;hr no longer has a default width. Use ;H1 - ;H6 / ;Hr if you still want the old default behavior.
- Don't display menu/toolbar entries for browsers that don't exist. (Unix only)
- Allow .-repeating of operator mappings to work properly.
- Code improvements and bug fixes.
HTML.zip 0.19 2006-01-18 6.0 Christian J. Robinson - Smart-handling of certain tags (bold, italic, underline, comments) if syntax highlighting is on.
HTML.zip 0.18 2005-12-26 6.0 Christian J. Robinson - Implemented normal mode mappings that take an operator (motion) for Vim 7.
HTML.zip 0.17.1 2005-10-22 6.0 Christian J. Robinson - Some visual mappings had insert offset problems when 'indentexpr' was set.
- Author email in templates wasn't being encoded (bug since the template became configurable).
HTML.zip 0.16.2 2005-10-08 6.0 Christian J. Robinson Some visual mappings didn't work with the extra code used to prevent a (visual)bell.
HTML.zip 0.16 2005-07-13 6.0 Christian J. Robinson - Fixed some of the forms visual mappings.
- Added code to prevent a (visual)bell with some of the visual mappings when 'showmatch' was enabled.
HTML.zip 0.15.1 2005-05-19 6.0 Christian J. Robinson - MangleImageTag was getting the width and height of gifs reversed.
- Other minor bugs fixed.
HTML.zip 0.15 2004-06-09 6.0 Christian J. Robinson - A bug crept in that prevented the work-around for the GTK2 toolbar pixmap bug from working.
HTML.zip 0.14 2004-04-22 6.0 Christian J. Robinson - ;& mapping to change the visual selection or character under the cursor to its &#...; equivalent.
- ;mi mapping to automatically update the WIDTH/HEIGHT attributes in an IMG tag. (MangleImageTag.vim included. -- Experimental! See ":help ;mi".)
- Misc. bug fixes and tweaks.
HTML.zip 0.13 2004-03-16 6.0 Christian J. Robinson - The template used by ;html is now configurable.
- Colors menu changed from a cascading menu to an alphabetic menu.
- Misc. tweaks.
HTML.zip 0.12 2003-11-04 6.0 Christian J. Robinson - Insert mode mappings weren't buffer-local. (Error when removing Vim5 support.)
HTML.zip 0.11 2003-10-27 6.0 Christian J. Robinson - HTML menu and ToolBar weren't being enabled sometimes when the script was loaded again.
- Abandoned support for vim versions prior to 6.
- More minor changes.
HTML.zip 0.10 2003-09-13 5.7 Christian J. Robinson - Mozilla mappings added.
- HTML encode author email (to prevent spam harvesters).
- Work-around for a bug in the Vim GTK2 toolbar interface that doesn't properly find icons.
- Other minor changes.
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