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ScrollColors : Colorsheme Scroller, Chooser, and Browser

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created by
Yakov Lerner
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   This is colorscheme Scroller/Chooser/Browser.
   With this plugin, you walk through installed colorschemes using arrow keys.

   Drop ScrollColors.vim into your plugin directory.
   Type :SCROLL
   Use arrow keys to walk through colorschemes, ? for help, Esc to exit.

   1. source ScrollColors.vim  " or drop ScrollColors.vim into
                          " your ~/.vim/plugins directory
   2. Type :SCROLL
        Another synonym is :COLOR
   3. Use arrows to scroll thgough colorschemes.
   4. When done, press Esc to exit. You will be prompted
      wether to

   You can download 140 colorschemes pack from:
   Having 140 installed colorschemes is in no way prerequisite for ScrollColors. But with ScrollColors you can preview 140 colorschemes  in couple of minutes. Have fun.

   You can map two keys of your choice to NextColor and PrevColor actions.
   Choose pair of shortcut keys (for example <F2> and <f3>, or \n and \p)
   and map them as follows:
      map <silent><F3> :NEXTCOLOR<cr>
      map <silent><F2> :PREVCOLOR<cr>

Works both in vim6 and vim7.
install details
Download file ScrollColors.vim and put it into your $HOME/.vim/plugin
directory. Create this directory if it does not exists, like:
   mkdir -p $HOME/.vim/plugin
Restart vim.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
ScrollColor.vim 20060719 2006-07-18 6.0 Yakov Lerner Script cksum is 2186132668.
Last change: sort speedup on vim7 using builtin sort()
ScrollColor.vim 20060718 2006-07-18 6.0 Yakov Lerner 2006-07-18 version. FIle cksum is 362040352
ScrollColor.vim 1.0 2006-03-08 6.0 Yakov Lerner Initial upload
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