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last name Lerner
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Script Contributions

browser-like-scrolling-for-readonly-file convenient, browser-like scrolling for viewing readonly files
passwd syntax of the /etc/passwd file
ViewOutput scroll back and search [long] output of vim command
DumpStr.vim dump vimscript string to clearly see multi-byte chars, bytes, and codes of both
RemoteSaveAll.vim :RWALL[!] - save modified files in all running vim instances, also :WALL[!]
vim7-install.sh {download + build + install} latest vim7.1 from svn sources in 1 command.
ScrollColors Colorsheme Scroller, Chooser, and Browser
timing.vim stopwatch timing of execution time of vim commands and command sequences
HelpWords search vimhelp for paragraphs containing given words(substrings) in any order
TIMEIT Time execution of vim command(s) with subsecond resolution
MultiTabs Open N files, each one in his own tab, like this: :NTAB file1 file2 ... fileN
scrollfix keep cursor at fixed visual line of window
IndexedSearch shows 'Nth match out of M' at every search (index of match+total # matches)
SearchSyntaxError search for the next syntax error detected by the vim highlighting mechanism
:REPL Prompt-driven replace(substitute) for console vim, also in multiple files.
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