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scrollfix : keep cursor at fixed visual line of window

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created by
Yakov Lerner
script type
" This plugin, scrollfix, maintains cursor at fixed visual line of window
" (except near beginning of file and near end of file. The
" latter is configurable. You can choose whether to fix cursor
" near end of file or not, see g:fixeof below). This is enhancement
" to the 'set scrolloff=999', but scrollfix allows any visual line of
" window to keep cursor at, not only middle line of window.
" You choose the visual line of screen in percentages from top of screen:
"     let g:scrollfix=100 " means lock cursor at bottom of window
"     let g:scrollfix=0   " means keep cursor at top line of window
"     let g:scrollfix=50  " means middle line of screen
"     let g:scrollfix=66  " means two-third from top of screen
" As shipped, cursor is at 60% (let g:scrollfix=60)
" To change plugin settings, assign to following variables in your .vimrc.
" g:scrollfix - percentage from top of screen where to lock cursor
"               -1 - disables. Default: 60
" g:fixeof    - 1=>fix cursor also near end-of-file; 0=>no. Default:0
" g:scrollinfo - 1=>inform when scrollfix is turned on, 0=>no. Default: 1
" :FIX NNN         comand :FIX is alternate way to change g:scrollfix variable
" NB:
" - You need vim version at least 7.0.91 or later (vim6 won't work).
"   If you have vim7 before 7.0.91, you can use script#1473 to build
"   & install the latest vim7 executable.
" - this is beta version of the scrollfix plugin.
"   Your feedback is welcome. Please send your feedback to iler at gmail dot com.
install details
Download script scrollfix.vim from the link below and copy it into your
personal plugin directory, the ~/.vim/plugin. Create this directory if
it does not exist. Restart vim. Make sure your vim is version 7.0.91
or later.

To customize the plugin, edit this file:
    vim ~/.vim/plugin/scrollfix.vim
and edit following lines:
"------------------- Parameterization Variables -----------------------
let g:scrollfix=60  " percentable of screen height to keep visual cursor on
let g:fixeof=0  " 1=>fix cursor also near end-of-file; 0=>no.
let g:scrollinfo=1 " 1=>inform when scrollfix is turned on, 0=>no
"---------------- End of Parameterization Variables -------------------

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scrollfix.vim b060910 2006-09-10 7.0 Yakov Lerner Initial upload
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