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increment.vim : yet another script for incrementing numbers.

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created by
Srinath Avadhanula
script type
This script provides a way to quickly create incremented lists (either
increasing or decreasing) using the visual block mode.

1. Suppose you have a column of the following form:
    array(1) = 3;
    array(1) = 3;
    array(1) = 3;
    array(1) = 3;
    array(1) = 3;
2. Choose the column of '1's using Ctrl-V and then run the command Inc (you
   should see "'<,'>Inc" on the command line at this point)(if you do not
   have any other user commands starting with 'I', just I will suffice).
   This will tranform the text as:
    array(1) = 3;       array(1) = 3;
    array(1) = 3;       array(2) = 3;
    array(1) = 3;  --> array(3) = 3;
    array(1) = 3;       array(4) = 3;
    array(1) = 3;       array(5) = 3;
3. You can then choose the column of '3's (again using Ctrl-V) and run the
   command "Inc 3" to generate another incremented list. This will
    array(1) = 3;        array(1) =  3;
    array(2) = 3;        array(2) =  6;
    array(3) = 3;  -->  array(3) =  9;
    array(4) = 3;        array(4) = 12;
    array(5) = 3;        array(5) = 15;
    Note: increment.vim automatically pads the numbers in the the column
    with spaces in order to get them right aligned. This is useful in most
    cases, but for cases when this might be bad, use IncN which doesnt do
    any alignment.

Commands provided:
1. Inc : generates a column of increasing numbers with RIGHT  alignment.
2. IncN: generates a column of increasing numbers with NO     alignment.
3. IncL: generates a column of increasing numbers with LEFT   alignment

A mapping which goes well with this command is the following:

vnoremap <c-a> :Inc<CR>

With this mapping, select a column of numbers and press Ctrl-A, which will
get them in increasing order. I use <c-a> because its similar to the <c-a>
command in normal mode which increments the number under the cursor.

There are other scripts which have been made to do almost the same thing.
Charles E Campbell's vimtip #150         uses a similar visual block strategy
Stanislav Sitar's         vimscript #145     uses a searc/replace strategy

install details
drop the file in the vim plugins directory.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
increment.vim 1.3 2002-01-12 6.0 Srinath Avadhanula removed the leading tabs bug yet again. the last was not handling properly a combination of leading tabs and whitespaces.
increment.vim 1.1 2001-12-01 6.0 Srinath Avadhanula fixed a bug where leading tabs were causing problems. added another command IncL which causes left aligned columns.
increment.vim 1.0 2001-11-22 6.0 Srinath Avadhanula Initial upload
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