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FavMenu.vim : A new menu, like IE's Favourites, or Netscape's Bookmark

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created by
Gergely Kontra
script type
Adds a new menu to vim
You can add your favourite files (and dirs) into it, and open them later by clicking on the corresponding menu item.
The file list is persistent, data is stored in a file, which is the value of the $FAVOURITES
This variable should hold the name of your favourites files with full path.
So it must look like "~/.vim_favourites" or 'c:\program files\vim\_favourites'.
install details
Drop it into your plugin directory.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
FavMenu.vim 0.34 2016-08-12 7.0 Gergely Kontra Thank this bugfix release to Zhen-Huan Hu

* Fixed bug when $LANG is empty
* Use _vimfavourites as default file name for Windows

!!! New version of script follows vim filename conventions, which means prior windows users should rename their .vimfavourites files to _vimfavourites !!!
FavMenu.vim 0.33 2013-01-30 7.0 Gergely Kontra * Spanish translation (thanks to Switcher)
* bugfix
FavMenu.vim 0.32 2002-03-11 6.0 Gergely Kontra Added Hungarian translation
FavMenu.vim 0.3 2002-02-04 6.0 Gergely Kontra New features:
* Limited path size (set PATHSIZELIMIT)
* It closes the file even when 'hidden' is set
* Synchronize if +clientserver is available
FavMenu.vim 0.22 2002-01-30 6.0 Gergely Kontra * Nice fallbacks to the vars.
* fav_menu is renamed to OPEN_FUNC Sorry for the inconvinience.
* Menu shortcuts
FavMenu.vim 0.21 2002-01-15 6.0 Gergely Kontra Bug fixes
FavMenu.vim 0.2 2002-01-10 6.0 Gergely Kontra * Fixed bug, which caused same files to hide each other
* Your favourite files must be located at $FAVOURITES
* You can Edit the favourites. Menus will updated, when you save
* When you click on the menu, it invokes the fav_fun function
* You can choose cascade delete menu by defining fav_cascade_del (at startup!)
* You can add directories to your favourites. Thanks to the_intellectual_person <arun_kumar_ks@hotmail.com>, who gave me a patch for this
FavMenu.vim 0.1 2001-12-03 6.0 Gergely Kontra Initial upload
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