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Script Contributions

hunspchk.zip Hungarian spell checker
CD.vim CD to whatever directory the current buffer is using.
MultiPrompt.vim "Emulates" a multifield prompt dialog even in console mode!
FavMenu.vim A new menu, like IE's Favourites, or Netscape's Bookmark
TeTrIs.vim A tetris game in pure vim
Lineup - A simple text aligner Aligns the Nth occurence of a string or RE
Justify Simple text justifier inspired by Kartik Murari's format.vim (vimscript#27)
A better tcl indent A better tcl indent (for me:)
SuperTab Do all your insert-mode completion with Tab!
MRU Most recently used files in your file menu
ComplMenu.vim A completion menu (shows all possibilities as you type)
mu-template Mu template (fill-out forms, expression substitution)
Naught 'n' crosses Dumb Naught and crosses games
mu-marks Script inspired by AlphaTk & Stephen Riemhm's bracketing function
scite colors Scite-like colors (GUI only)
Cool colors Colors based on inverted SciTE colors (GUI only)
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