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TeTrIs.vim : A tetris game in pure vim

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created by
Gergely Kontra
script type
A funny way to get used to VIM's h k l and <Space> key.
The first (I hope) interactive game inside pure VIM!
It's a work-in-progress version.

- better random
- better timing
- shorter code

If you like games, also see Sokoban vimscript#211!
install details
Source it! Press :source TeTrIs.vim<Enter>

To start the game, press <Leader>te.
(If you don't know what is <Leader>, you should press \te, and type :help Leader<Enter> to learn about what the heck leader is)
h: left
l: right
j: down
i,k: rotate
<Space>: drop
<Esc> or q: quit
(if you have more or other keys, which help you to learn VIM, please send me the mail)
p: pause game To restore, press <Leader>te in any window!

*** Save everything, before you begin to play ***

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
TeTrIs.vim 0.53 2017-02-07 7.0 Gergely Kontra This version is written by Felix Leger

- Shape rotations now match official Super Rotation System (SRS)
- High scores don't wrap around when displayed
- First shape is now always random (instead of always being a bar)
- Shapes' color scheme now matches official Tetris colors as closely as possible (since default terminal ANSI doesn't support orange for L shape, that one is white instead
- Since v0.5, colors are randomly attributed. Now each shape has its own color, like in official Tetris
- Shapes now are homogeneously colored, we see MM, {}, $$, etc. only if colors are disabled (note: can be reverted if dark foreground colors are switched to light foreground colors, see comment in code)
- Wall and \"next piece\" frame now have texture (i.e. light color foreground), helps not confusing the J piece (same color)
- Made default speed slower, closer to official (similar to v0.4)
- Can't acheive infinite speed (i.e. break game) by holding +. Also, speeds grows 10 times faster when + is held (otherwise almost unnoticeable)
tetris.vim 0.52fix 2002-02-27 6.0 Gergely Kontra norm -> norm! to protect from M$-win's remappings
tetris.vim 0.52 2002-02-20 6.0 Michael Geddes Fixed massive slowdown when key pressed.
Fix up window positioning when ending and showing highscore.
TeTrIs.vim 0.51 2002-02-19 6.0 Gergely Kontra New timing, bug fixes, Name is stored in script-variable.
TeTrIs.vim 0.5 2002-02-14 6.0 Gergely Kontra New mode, top10, better colors, improved rotation, new timing, speedup, animations
TeTrIs.vim 0.4 2002-02-04 6.0 Michael Geddes Colour, speeds, extra keys, the missing piece. Lotsa stuff.
TeTrIs.vim 0.1 2002-01-03 6.0 Gergely Kontra Initial upload
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