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user name mgeddes
first name Michael
last name Geddes
email vimmerfrogwheelycreeknet
registered Vim
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Script Contributions

DoxyGen Syntax DoxyGen Highlighting on top of c/c++/java
keepcase.vim Functions for doing case-persistant substitutions
ifdef highlighting #ifdef highlighting in c/c++/idl
buffoptions.vim Per-buffer options/menus/maps
htmlcmd.vim Rich HTML/XML commands
TeTrIs.vim A tetris game in pure vim
DSP Make Set Makeprg for MSDEV DSP
Brace Complete for C/C++ Adds braces after if, else, while
Smart Tabs Use tabs for indent, spaces for alignment
SourceSafe Integration Fairly complete file-based SourceSafe Integration
Michael's Standard Settings Some standard 'vimrc' settings & mappings that I use
Hex Output Output a number as HEX
Buffer Menus Add menus for the current buffer only.
Get Win32 Short Name Works out the 8.3 short-name of an existing file
Get UNC Path (Win32) Get/Yank a UNC pathname using 'net share'
VB Line-Number Translate Line #'s reported by vb command line to source code line
HTML Photo Board Generate a HTML Thumbnail Photoboard using ImageMagic
IDL/ATL Helper Create/modify (win32) idl files and ATL projects
Source Control Common interface to source-control
Smart Diffsplit Diffsplit that restores window settings
Destructive Paste Pastes the register, replacing text
Syntax context abbreviations Abbreviations that only happen outside comments
Vimgrep Replace Use vimgrep to do search and replace
Persistent Abbreviations Persistent abbreviations
Buffer grep A :vimgrep for buffers.
File Case Enforcer Enforce (Windows) filesystem case in buffer names
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