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keepcase.vim : Functions for doing case-persistant substitutions

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Michael Geddes
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Usage: Using KeepCase or KeepCaseSameLen defined here, do a substitution like this:

%s/\u\<old_word\>/\=KeepCaseSameLen(submatch(0), 'new_word')/g

* KeepCase( original_word , new_word )  
  returns the new word maintaining case
  simply uses heuristics to work out some different common situations
    given   NewWord
    Word   --> Newword
    WORD    --> NEWWORD
    word    --> newword
    WoRd    --> NewWord
    woRd    --> newWord

* KeepCaseSameLen( original_word , new_word )    
Returns the new word maintaining case
  Keeps the case exactly the same letter-for-letter
  It does work if the words aren't the same length, as it truncates or
  just coppies the case of the word for the length of the original word.

* :SubstituteCase#\ctoto\(Titi\)tata#\1Tutu#g
     totoTitiTata -> titiTutu
     TotoTitiTata -> TitiTutu
     tototititata -> tititutu
     tototitiTata -> titiTutu
     TototitiTata -> TitiTutu
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Place in plugin directory

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
keepcase.vim 2.0 2007-04-04 6.0 Michael Geddes Version from Luc Hermitte.  Includes :SubstituteCase command as well as some extra cases handled.
keepcase.vim 1.1 2001-05-29 6.0 Michael Geddes Initial upload
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