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SuperTab : Do all your insert-mode completion with Tab!

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Gergely Kontra
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The script has MOVED (since Eric Van Dewoestine is the new maintainer).

So go to vimscript#1643 for the new version.

Thank Eric to taking over the maintainership!
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package script version date Vim version user release notes
supertab.vim 0.41 2006-07-11 6.0 Gergely Kontra Fixed couple bugs introduced in last version
Eric Van Dewoestine
supertab.vim 0.4 2006-05-15 7.0 Gergely Kontra Upgrade by Eric Van Dewoestine
SuperTab.vim 0.32 2003-11-10 6.0 Gergely Kontra Bugfix: tab insertion/completion decidion correction. SuperTab now inserts <Tab>, if the preceding character is whitespace
Thx to  Lorenz Wegener
SuperTab.vim 0.31 2002-09-20 6.0 Gergely Kontra Now SuperTab allow cycling back with <S-Tab>
Limitations: You must cycle forward before and it works in the GUI version only
SuperTab.vim 0.3 2002-03-19 6.0 Gergely Kontra Back to the roots.
* Bugfix
* Autocompletion removed
SuperTab.vim 0.2afix 2002-02-19 6.0 Gergely Kontra Fixed bug with <C-X>p and <C-x>n.
<C-E> and <C-Y> modes are not remembered now.
SuperTab.vim 0.2alpha 2002-01-18 6.0 Gergely Kontra Experimental autocompletion mode.
It can be turned on and off with \ac.
In this mode <CR> accept autocompletion, <Del> clears the current autocomplete <Esc> goes back to normal mode without applying the offered autocompletion, and <Tab> allows another completion (from this point, you cannot undo the completion you made)
The script uses Charles E. Campbell, Jr.'s SaveMap function.
The script is bigger and bigger. Help me to simplify it.
SuperTab.vim 0.1 2002-01-15 6.0 Gergely Kontra Initial upload
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