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skill_comment.vim : After pair of brackets auto-add starting keyword in the comment

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created by
Andy Wokula
script type
Vim filetype plugin enhancement
Language: skill (cadence extension language)

Type ");" in Insert mode to insert the word located before the matching "(".
For selected keywords this also adds the argument (following the keyword).
To work properly, keyword and argument must be found on the same line.


procedure( vscCheckpointHier( @key lib cell view message inclibs )
    let(( ddCVs )
        vscPrint0(sprintf( nil "Hierarchy for %s,%s,%s ..." lib cell view ))
        when( ddCVs = vscGetHierarchyDDs( ?lib lib ?cell cell ?view view
                                          ?inclibs inclibs )
            vscPrint0(sprintf( nil "  %d cellviews." length(ddCVs) ))
            vscCheckpoint( ddCVs ?message message)
        ); when ddCVs
    ); let
); procedure vscCheckpointHier
install details
Copy the file to  ~/.vim/ftplugin  -- or  vimfiles\ftplugin (Win)

How come ...?
Vim will detect that the script belongs to the skill filetype, because the
filename matches "skill_*.vim".

Make sure your vimrc contains
    filetype plugin on
else the script won't be loaded automatically.

2007 Oct 10

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skill_comment.vim 4 2007-05-17 7.0 Andy Wokula Initial upload
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