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user name anwo
first name Andy
last name Wokula
email anwokuyahoode
registered Vim
user or sponsor

Script Contributions

larlet.vim Type large letters in Insert mode
IncRoman.vim Cope with Roman numbers
recent.vim Quick access to recently written files
tcmdbar.vim Script for use with Total Commander's button bar
hexsearch.vim search with a hexadecimal string
skill_comment.vim After pair of brackets auto-add starting keyword in the comment
karma.vim For given karma print how users possibly voted
indent/html.vim alternative html indent script
complval.vim complete a variable's value after :let in the command line
Smartput Adjust spaces and commas when putting text.
repmo.vim repeat motions for which a count was given
tinymode.vim allows definition of tiny modes for Normal mode
dictview.vim print the contents of a variable
bufmru.vim switch to a most recently used buffer quickly
conomode.vim Vi-style editing for the command line
searchfold.vim Fold away lines not matching the last search pattern
wokmarks.vim local marks usage more similar to other editors
testname Generate unused file name for testing purpose
Asneeded 2 Load scripts as needed
jumphl.vim Highlight cursor line after cursor jump
motpat.vim create motion mappings defined by a pattern
lastpos.vim Last position jump improved for Easy Vim
undofile.vim persistent undo: enable 'undofile' for certain files only
anwolib Yet another vim library
boolpat.vim Boolean-logic patterns, based on LogiPat
ExplainPattern Give detailed help on a given regexp pattern.
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