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conomode.vim : Vi-style editing for the command line

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Andy Wokula
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Continued here: https://github.com/Houl/conomode-vim (2017 Aug 06)

Implements a kind of Normal mode ( "Cmdline-Normal mode" ) on top of the Command line.  Purpose is similar to the cmdline-window (q:), but navigation and editing can be done in-place.  Of course the cmdline-window is much more powerful.

Conomode does not replace Vim's native emacs-style command line editing, it just adds one key: CTRL-O (see below).

- enter with c_<C-O>   (press CTRL-O while in Command-line mode)
- mode indicator is a colon ":", moved along with the cursor, hiding the char under it
- quit to Cmdline-mode with I, i, a, A, : or any unmapped key (which then executes or inserts itself), or wait 60 seconds.
- quit to Normal mode with Esc

Features So Far:
- Motions: h l w b e W B E 0 ^ $ f{char} F{char} t{char} T{char} ; , %    also in Operator pending mode
- Operators: d y c    these write to the unnamed register; c prompts for input()
- Shortcuts: yy dd D x X s C    yy -> y_, dd -> d_, D -> d$, x -> dl, X -> dh, s -> cl, C -> c$
- Simple Changes: ~ r{char}
- Putting: P p     put the unnamed register
- Repeating: .     repeatable commands: d r c ~ o   also: I i a A
- Macros: q @      q starts[/stops] recording, @ executes, no register involved
- Mode Switching:  I i a A - back to Cmdline (with positioned cursor),  <Esc> - back to Normal mode, <CR> - execute Cmdline, : - back to Cmdline (remove all text)
- Insert: o        input() version of i (accepts a count and is recordable)
- Undo: u U        redo with "U" (to keep c_CTRL-R working); undo information survives mode switching (!); undo is yet unlimited
- Count: can be given for most commands
- Misc: <C-L> - redraw the Cmdline

- the mode indicator makes UTF-8 characters look garbled - it's only a display problem; press Ctrl-L to redraw the Cmdline; I'd rather not use conomode with UTF-8, sorry ...

Feedback is welcome (bugs, usage improvements, does it feel like vi?, etc.)

Have fun!

2012 Apr 14
install details
:source conomode.vim

Can be used as a plugin.

Note: Vim7.3 is recommended, older Vims are likely to crash due to a bug in getcmdline()

The plugin defines a lot of mappings for Cmdline-mode, but these are local to the script -- so except for <C-O>, there cannot be a conflict with other mappings.

to autoload the plugin when pressing <C-O> the first time, you can create a "macros" folder, put the script file there and add the following code to your vimrc:
" vimrc:
cmap <C-O> <C-R>=<sid>LoadConoMode()<CR><C-O>
func! <sid>LoadConoMode()
    cunmap <C-O>
    verbose runtime macros/conomode.vim
    return ""

2012 Apr 14

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
conomode.vim 0.6.1 2012-01-30 7.3 Andy Wokula BF: fixed dumb error with cw (was ok in v0.4)
BF: now conomode also disabled for :debug and <C-R>=
conomode.vim 0.6 2012-01-28 7.3 Andy Wokula Note: default key changed to CTRL-O
Insert keys I i a A no longer prompt for input()
NF: added motions %, | (bar), t and T
NF: separate undo stacks, per cmdtype
NF: g:conomode_emacs_keys to enable a few Emacs keys, Ctrl-W, Ctrl-Y (disabled per default)
NF: (non-vi) gX to cut older undo states
BF: added init folklore
BF: better escaping when recording c{text}<Enter>
BF: removed count limits for h and l motions
BF: yy, dd, cc now use whole-line text object (matters for repeat)
BF: f now inclusive
conomode.vim 0.4 2010-08-20 7.3 Andy Wokula NF: Macro recording: q @
NF: undo survives mode switching
NF: Tilde command: ~
NF: Insert commands: I i a A (now prompt for input())
NF: <Esc> (and o O ) switches to the Cmdline (not Normal mode)
NF: more verbose now
BF: disallowed recursive Conomode
BF: better multi-byte support
conomode.vim 0.1 2008-10-02 7.0 Andy Wokula Initial upload
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