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searchfold.vim : Fold away lines not matching the last search pattern

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created by
Andy Wokula
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This script is an improved version of  f.vim  (vimscript #318).

Improvements: folding depth is limited, previous fold settings can be restored, pattern is always the last search pattern.

Script uses manual folds.  The user's manual folds are not preserved (unlike vimscript #2302 does it).


fold away lines not matching the last search pattern.
With [count], change the initial foldlevel to ([count] minus one).  The setting will be stored in g:searchfold_foldlevel and will be used when [count] is omitted.

fold away lines that do match the last search pattern (inverse folding).

try hard to restore the previous fold settings


:let g:searchfold_maxdepth = 7
(number) maximum fold depth

:let g:searchfold_usestep = 1
Controls how folds are organized: If 1 (default), each "zr" (after "\z") unfolds the same amount of lines above and below a match.  If 0, only one more line is unfolded above a match.  This applies for next "\z" or "\iz".

:let g:searchfold_postZ_do_zv = 1
If 1, execute "zv" (view cursor line) after <Leader>Z.

:let g:searchfold_foldlevel = 0
Initial 'foldlevel' to set for <Leader>z and <Leader>iz

:let g:searchfold_do_maps = 1
Whether to map the default keys or not.

A few more links to check out:
- http://www.noah.org/wiki/Vim#Folding
- vimscript #158 (foldutil.vim)
- vimscript #578 (allfold.tar.gz)

2011 May 24
install details
this is a global plugin, :h add-plugin

which means:
- remove the version part "_0.9" from the file name (optional)
- drop the script file into your plugin folder (e.g. ~/vimfiles/plugin) and restart Vim, or :source the script manually

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
searchfold_0.9.vim 0.9 2011-05-24 7.0 Andy Wokula renamed <Plug>SearchFoldDisable, fixed g:searchfold_usestep description (wrong default), removed annoying redraw
searchfold_0.8.vim 0.8 2010-09-30 7.0 Andy Wokula added inverse folding (<Leader>iz), g:searchfold_foldlevel, count for <Leader>z, <Plug> mappings, disabled F(), minor fixes
searchfold_0.7.vim 0.7 2009-01-22 7.0 Andy Wokula Initial upload
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