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motpat.vim : create motion mappings defined by a pattern

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created by
Andy Wokula
script type
Create motion mappings defined by a pattern.
The resulting keys can be used in Normal, Visual and Operator-pending mode; and they accept a count.

2017 Nov 10 https://github.com/Houl/motpat-vim


motpat#Map({buf-local}, {lhs-forw}, {lhs-back}, {rhs-pat}[, {excl}])

    {buf-local} if non-zero, create buffer-local mappings, else global mappings
    {lhs-forw} key to be mapped for forward searching (not if empty)
    {lhs-back} key to be mapped for backward searching (not if empty)
    {rhs-pat} pattern to define the motion, will be part of the resulting {rhs} of the mapping
    {excl} type of motion, one of "e" (default), "i" or "l", for exclusive, inclusive or linewise, makes use of |o_v|.

" the following two functions just omit one argument:
motpat#Fmap({buf-local}, {lhs-forw}, {rhs-pat}[, {excl}])
motpat#Bmap({buf-local}, {lhs-back}, {rhs-pat}[, {excl}])


ftplugin/vim.vim >
" simpler definition of ]], [[, ][, [], [" and ]"

" Move around functions.
call motpat#Map(1, ']]', '[[', '^\s*fu\%[nction]\>')
call motpat#Map(1, '][', '[]', '^\s*endf\%[unction]\>', 'l')

" Move around comments
call motpat#Fmap(1, ']"', '\%(^\s*".*\n\)\%(^\s*"\)\@!', 'l')
call motpat#Bmap(1, '["', '\%(^\s*".*\n\)\@<!\%(^\s*"\)', 'l')
install details
extract to a runtimepath folder

files in the archive:
autoload/gvmap.vim (helper script)

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motpat_0.1.zip 0.1 2010-03-28 7.2 Andy Wokula Initial upload
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