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testname : Generate unused file name for testing purpose

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created by
Andy Wokula
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Get an unused file name for testing purpose.

File names are counted A1,A2,..,A9,B10,..,B99,C100,..  Several "sets" can be
defined.  A set specifies path and extension of the file name to be
generated.  Files named "lastnr.dat" maintain the counter(s) for each set.
Select a set with a KEY.  An expr-abbr is a useful way to trigger the

Usage: edit a new test file:
    :new tn#

Customization: variables in the vimrc

g:testname#set    (dictionary)

    :let g:testname#set = {}
    :let g:testname#set[KEY] = { "ext": EXT, "path": PATH [, "lnk": LNPK] }
    KEY - (string) the selector; for use in the abbreviation, e.g. "vim"
    EXT - (string) extension for the file name to be generated, e.g. ".vim"
    PATH - (string) path in which to create the new files and "lastnr.dat"
        (user creates the files, script only creates lastnr.dat)
    LNPK - (string) optional selector to choose the path for lastnr.dat from
        another set; "LastNr.dat Path Key".  Makes it possible to have a
        single lastnr.dat file for all paths.
    * You can overwrite the one default KEY "vim".
    * Different KEYs can share PATH (the lastnr file contains a line for
      each KEY), only PATH + EXT must be unique (in general).

g:testname#lastnrfile     (string)

    name of lastnr-file in PATH; must be given without (esp. absolute) path;
    default is "lastnr.dat"

g:testname#firstnr    (string)

    first "number" to be used, default "A1"
install details
put the script in your autoload folder

customize g:testname#set

setup an abbrevation for each set, the following will work with default
    :cabbr <expr> tn# testname#GetFreeName("vim")

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testname.vim 0.1 2009-10-19 7.0 Andy Wokula Initial upload
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