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IncRoman.vim : Cope with Roman numbers

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created by
Andy Wokula
script type
Increase or decrease a Roman number found under the cursor, with [count].
If a decimal number is found it is converted into its corresponding Roman
number, ignoring the [count].  Any other word is converted to the Roman
number that [count] corresponds to.

Range: I .. MMMCMXCIX (1..3999)
Higher numbers result in more than three "M"s.

There are interface mappings: <plug>IncRoman and <plug>DecRoman .
They can be mapped globally or local to buffer, the latter is the default.
From the script:
    nmap <unique><buffer> <C-A> <plug>IncRoman
    nmap <unique><buffer> <C-X> <plug>DecRoman

Therefore if you want to use the script as a plugin, you should define
global keys in your .vimrc:
    nmap <C-A> <plug>IncRoman
    nmap <C-X> <plug>DecRoman

Other scripts with support for Roman numbers:
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vimscript #670 VisIncr : Produce increasing/decreasing columns of numbers, dates, or daynames
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Last Change: 2007 Jan 11
install details
Three options: (v2 of the script)
(1) Activate for current buffer:
:source incroman.vim

(2) Use as a plugin.  Then you need global mappings (see description).

(3) Source from an ftplugin.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
incroman.vim 2 2007-01-26 6.0 Andy Wokula now can be used globally and locally, avoids global var for the count
incroman.vim 1 2006-07-17 6.0 Andy Wokula Initial upload
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