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EnvEdit.vim : Intelligently edit environment variable values

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erik falor
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Changing environment variables in Windows' "Environment
Variables" dialog is just WAY too tedious.  This plugin
provides the following benefits:
    1. Vim's editing keystrokes.
    2. You can resize the window so that the entire value
       fits on the screen.
    3. You can easily use the value of a different variable
       in the definition of another.
    4. Vim shows up in the taskbar, so you don't have to
       minimize all of your other windows to find the
       misplaced "Environment Variables" dialog after looking
       up the correct value for a variable in the
    5. Command-line completion is an easier way to locate
       a variable than hunting for it in two different
       five-line high lists.

At the command-line type this command: :EnvEdit {VARIABLE}
This will open a new buffer named $VARIABLE and containing the
value of that environment variable.  If there exists no such
environment variable, you'll be greeted with an empty buffer.

When the buffer is saved, the new text is stored in the
default register "", exported to the clipboard via the "+ and "*
registers, and exported to Vim's own environment.  This means
that any child processes of that instance of Vim inherit the
new environment variable.

If the environment variable contains your system's path
separator character (':' on UNIX and ';' on Windows), the
variable's text is split on this character and each component
is presented on its own line.  When you save the buffer, all
lines are joined and delimited by this same character.  Empty
lines are filtered out to prevent consecutive path separators
from appearing.
install details
Copy into your .vim/plugins directory

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
EnvEdit.vim 0.3 2015-01-07 7.0 erik falor Substitute %SystemRoot% in the expansion of %PATH% on Windows
EnvEdit.vim 0.2 2008-01-07 7.0 erik falor Stores value of variable into the "* register, aka the selection buffer.  This is the text that is put down when you press the middle mouse button.  Sorry Windows users, this is just another reason why Vista isn't ready for the desktop yet.
EnvEdit.vim 0.1 2007-12-17 7.0 erik falor Initial upload
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