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Script Contributions

gmcs.vim Mono C# compiler profile
visSum.vim Computes sum of selected numbers
two2tango Colorscheme based upon Tango palette
ColorSchemeMenuMaker Auto-generates menu containing your colorschemes (keywords: color scheme menu)
3DGlasses.vim Dark blue scheme with parallax effect
matchparen++ Improvement over standard matchparen plugin
checksum.vim Compute checksums on files or lines
EnvEdit.vim Intelligently edit environment variable values
MountainDew.vim Stay awake through those long hack sessions
ColorSchemeEditor PyGTK GUI to more easily create colorschemes (keywords: color scheme editor)
reliable A futuristic colorscheme with a bright, clean look
less.bat Now less is more on Windows, too
buffergrep Grep buffers, not files
gladecompletion.vim IDE-like completion for projects using the Glade UI designer
FIGlet.vim Finally, the power of Vim + FIGlet!
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