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ColorSchemeEditor : PyGTK GUI to more easily create colorschemes (keywords: color scheme editor)

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erik falor
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This plugin provides a GUI tool which simplifies creating/editing Vim
colorscheme files.  It consists of a Vim plugin as well as a Python program,
and utilizes Vim's command server interface |clientserver| for communications.

New in version 1.1:
The list of highlight groups now displays a swatch of the current foreground/
background colors.  You can see right away which colors are used for each
highlight group.  
After getting some negative feedback over my last few colorscheme contributions,
I have added a readability column to this tool that analyses the color contrast
between foreground and background colors.  I hope that this will lead to
colorschemes that are easy on the eyes for all Vim users.

See the screenshots:


The goals that I hope to achieve through this plugin are to improve the
quality of existing colorschemes by allowing the authors the freedom to create
colorschemes in a natural WYSIWYG fashion.  Immediate visual feedback lets the
author quickly assess the effects of their changes, and allows them to easily
choose just the right color for a highlight element.  By displaying all of the
"preferred" highlight groups in a treeview, colorscheme authors can ensure
that all of the important highlights have been changed to fit in with the
overall scheme.  Users of colorschemes can use this plugin to tweak their
favorite colorschemes more to their liking.

Colorschemes generated with this plugin are backwards-compatible with earlier
versions of Gvim that do not use such highlight groups as CursorLine or Pmenu.

Your palette of custom colors is saved in the colorscheme file, so that your
choices persist between editing sessions.  This helps you maintain
a consistent look-and-feel while you are in the process of creating the
colorscheme.  Other metadata related to the colorscheme, such as licensing
information and your contact information are accessible from within the editor
as well.

This plugin makes a nice compliment to my earlier work, ColorSchemeMenuMaker.

If you have already installed ColorSchemeMenuMaker, the menu entry for
ColorSchemeEditor will appear at the bottom of the "ColorSchemes" menu item.
Additionally, you may invoke it via the :ColorSchemeEditor command.

Send bugs, suggestions, flames, etc. to NOSPAMewfalor@NOSPAMgmail.com - NOSPAM.

install details
ColorSchemeEditor requires that your version of Vim is compiled with the |gui|
and |clientserver| features.

The GUI editor is written with Python, with PyGTK and Glade comprising the
graphical interface.

If you want to use this on Un*x systems, make sure you have those three
packages and their dependencies installed.

More specifically, Gentoo users will need at least the following packages:
dev-lang/python x11-libs/gtk+ gnome-base/libglade dev-python/pygtk

Ubuntu users will need at least these packages: libglade2-0, python, python-gtk2, python-glade2

Windows users will need at least the following software packages:
Python       http://www.python.org/download/
PyGTK        http://www.pygtk.org/downloads.html
Pygobject    See above
Pycairo      See above
gladewin32   http://gladewin32.sourceforge.net/modules/news/

Once the requisite software packages are installed, simply unzip the plugin
package into your ~/.vim (or ~/vimfiles) directory.  The
ColorSchemeEditor.{py,vim,glade} files should all wind up in the plugin

Any new instances of Gvim will now show the 'ColorSchemes' menu, and are ready
to go.  Within already running instances of Gvim, you may execute

    :runtime plugin/ColorSchemeEditor.vim

to load the plugin.

Also, you should run helptags:

    :helptags $HOME/.vim/doc

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ColorSchemeEditor.zip 1.2.3 2012-03-22 7.0 erik falor Parameterize name of the Python executable.
Adjust the rgb.txt search path.
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