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FIGlet.vim : Finally, the power of Vim + FIGlet!

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erik falor
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:FIGlet operates over a range of text in your buffer. It has a completion function that will complete on installed font names, too.
Set g:use_FIGlet_as_operatorfunc to a true value in your vimrc file to enable the g@ operator to filter your text through figlet, in-place.
:FIGletFontDemo renders a sample of text through each installed figlet font.
Plus, there is a Windows/MS-DOS version of FIGlet, so everybody can get in on the fun!

Follow this plugin on GitHub: https://github.com/fadein/vim-FIGlet

Q: Can't I do this same thing with the :! command?
A: Basically, sure

Q: What does this plugin give me that Vim's built-in filtering doesn't?
A1. Convenience - through variables it can remember your preferences
A2. Completion - so you don't have to memorize all of the commands or font names
A3. Text-objects - use the g@ operator with text-objects for blazing fast transformations that will knock shoulder-surfer's socks off
A4. A font sample buffer to help you pick out the perfect font for the occasion

Q: Okay, I'm sold.  But what is this FIGlet you speak of?
A: This:
  __ _       _      _  
/ _(_) __ _| | ___| |_
| |_| |/ _` | |/ _ \ __|
|  _| | (_| | |  __/ |_
|_| |_|\__, |_|\___|\__|

Er, that wasn't quite as impressive as I was hoping.  Check out http://www.figlet.org/ to get with the times.
install details
Make sure you've got the figlet program installed on your $PATH
Copy script into your .vim/plugin directory

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
FIGlet.v3.1.zip 3.1 2016-07-07 7.0 erik falor Put function definitions into autoload/FIGlet.vim
Don't unconditionally clobber g@
Development on GitHub https://github.com/fadein/vim-FIGlet
FIGlet.vim 3.0 2015-09-12 7.0 erik falor I cannot thank Suraj N. Kurapati enough for submitting a patch that sets the                                                                                                        '[ and '] marks around the FIGlet-ified text. Thank you for your great work. If it weren't for you there wouldn't be a version 3.0!

This version also changes the spelling of the commands from :Figlet* to :FIGlet* in keeping with the style of www.figlet.org.
Figlet.vim 2.0 2011-06-23 7.0 erik falor :FigletFontDemo can be given a small sample of text to render; this lets you easily compare fonts
Figlet.vim 1.1 2010-12-13 7.0 erik falor Add :FigletFontDemo - open a buffer with generated samples of installed fonts

Bugfixes; use shellescape() on text sent to figlet; better able to cope with figlet crashes, work around broken DOS build of figlet
Figlet.vim 1.0 2010-12-11 7.0 erik falor Initial upload
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