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VimTrac : A vim client for the Trac wiki and ticketing system

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Michael Brown
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[NOTE: The most recent version requires the Align.vim (vimscript #294) plugin if you want to use the summary ticket view. (The default and most readable view)

This is a client for the open source trac source code manager and ticketing system. (http://trac.edgewall.org/) It will enable you to

- do browsing and editing  of a trac sites wiki pages
- create and edit tickets
- add attachments
- view project timelines changesets as unified diffs.
- perform trac site searches
- browser previews and text dumps of wikis.

VimTrac's wiki is here http://www.ascetinteractive.com.au/vimtrac
The Repo is now on github here http://github.com/mjbrownie/Trac.vim

If you have any issues/requests create a ticket there using the login details in the trac.vim script or email me.

install details
                                  Usage Notes

     * You must have a working Trac repository version 0.10 or later
       complete with the xmlrpc plugin and a user with suitable access

     * Vim must be compiled with python support and your client must have
       python 2.4.4 or later

       Add the trac.py, trac.vim in either your $VIMRUMTTIME/plugin directory or your HOME/.vim/plugin/ directory.

       Add trac.txt to your doc directory and run :helptags (dir) to source it.

     * Read the trac.vim leading comments on the setup

      * create links to your trac servers in a vimscript dictionary in your vimrc as follows...
        let g:tracServerList = {}      
        let g:tracServerList['Vim Trac - vimtrac user'] = 'http://vimtracuser:wibble@www.ascetinteractive.com.au/vimtrac/login/xmlrpc'
        let g:tracServerList['(Server Name)'] = 'http://(user):(password)@(trac serverpath)/login/xmlrpc'

   The servers can now be set by typing
        :TTServer <Server Name>
        :TWServer <Server Name>

   The <tab> key will cycle through available servers.

Defatult key mappings:

     * <leader>to - Opens the Trac wiki view
     * <leader>tq - Closes the Trac wiki View
     * <leader>tw - Writes the Current Wiki Page (Uses default update
     * (0.2.3) <leader>tt - Toggles between current window size mode.
       (normal, full horizontal,maximized ....)
     * (0.2.5) <leader>tp - Launches a browser preview of the current
       wiki page


     * :TWOpen - Open the wiki View
     * :TClose - Close the wiki View
     * :TWSave "<Comment>" - Saves the Active Wiki Page
     * :TTOpen <Ticket ID> - Open Trac Ticket Browser
     * :TWCreate - Create a Wiki Page
     * :TServer <Trac Server> - Set the Current Server (tab
     * :TSearch <search term> - Opens Trac Search View
     * :TWPreview - opens current wiki in browser
     *  :TWDump - lynx dump of the current wiki
     *  :TracChangesetView? <id> - Opens a Unified Diff of a
       specific changeset

Buffer Specific Key Mappings

     * In the Wiki TOC View Pages can be loaded for editing by hitting
       <enter> or <space> for browser preview
     * In the Ticket can be loaded for editing by hitting <enter> or
       <space> for browser preview on lines containing Ticket:>>
     * In the Wiki View Window a Page will go to the wiki page if you hit
       ctrl+] but will throw an error if you arent on a proper link.
     * Wikis can now be saved with :w and :wq. (As of 0.2.3 it pauses
       :TWSave ? so you can enter a change comment)
     * In all Trac windows :q will return to the normal view
     * Wiki Syntax will work with this wiki syntax file

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
trac.vim.0.3.6.tar.gz 0.3.6 2009-09-25 7.0 Michael Brown Some compatability fixes for trac 0.11. Fixed :w mapping on add_comment buffer.  Thanks to Brad Fritz
trac.vim.0.3.5.tar.gz 0.3.5 2009-02-26 7.0 Michael Brown Improved python old version checker and notification. removed .svn files that were accidentally stuck in the last package, Thanks Kai
trac.vim.0.3.3.tar.gz 0.3.3 2008-06-15 7.0 Michael Brown Added improved ticket summary view, Wiki VimDiff view, blacklist filters for tickets and ticket sorting
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