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TwitVim : Twitter client for Vim

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Po Shan Cheah
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TwitVim is a Vim plugin that allows you to post to Twitter and view Twitter timelines. It is an enhancement of vimscript #2124 by Travis Jeffery. Credit goes to Travis for the original script concept and implementation.

TwitVim supports most of the features of a typical Twitter client, including:

- Friends, User, Direct Message, Mentions, and Favorites timelines
- Twitter Search
- Replying and retweeting
- Hashtags (jump to search timeline)
- In reply to (See which tweet an @-reply is for.)
- Opening links in a browser
- User profile display
- Twitter List viewing and managing
- Trending topics
- Timeline filtering



Plugin commands:

- :PosttoTwitter - This command will prompt you for a message to send to Twitter.
- :CPosttoTwitter - This command posts the current line in the current buffer to Twitter.
- :BPosttoTwitter - This command posts the current buffer to Twitter.
- :FriendsTwitter - View friends timeline.
- :UserTwitter - View your timeline.
- :MentionsTwitter - View @-mentions.
- :PublicTwitter - View public timeline.
- :DMTwitter - View direct messages.
- :SearchTwitter - Use Twitter Search.

Global mappings:

- Alt-T - In Visual select mode, the Alt-T key posts the selected text to Twitter. Use this mapping if you compose your tweets in a separate scratch buffer.
- Ctrl-T - Use this instead if the menu bar is enabled or if Alt-T is not available on your platform.

Timeline buffer mappings:

- Alt-R or <Leader>r - Starts a @-reply. (in timeline buffer)
- Alt-D or <Leader>d - Starts a direct message. (in timeline buffer)

Many more commands and mappings are available. See TwitVim's help documentation for full details.



TwitVim is distributed under the same terms as Vim itself. See :help license.



- @mortonfox (https://twitter.com/mortonfox) - The maintainer
- @twitvim (https://twitter.com/twitvim) - TwitVim announcements
install details

TwitVim uses cURL (http://curl.haxx.se/) to communicate with Twitter. Alternatively, you can configure TwitVim to use Vim's Perl, Python, Ruby, or Tcl interfaces for faster network I/O.

Twitter OAuth requires either the OpenSSL (http://www.openssl.org/) software or a Vim binary compiled with Perl, Python, Ruby, or Tcl.

Some platforms already have cURL and OpenSSL preinstalled or have installation packages for those, so that is the easier way to satisfy the prerequisites.



Use one of the methods below, depending on which plugin manager (or not)
you have. After installation, see :help TwitVim-install for further

* Pathogen

Use the following commands:

    cd ~/.vim/bundle
    git clone https://github.com/twitvim/twitvim.git

* Vundle

Add the following to your vimrc:

    Plugin 'https://github.com/twitvim/twitvim.git'

Install with :PluginInstall

* Vimball file

Open the vmb file and then source it.

    vim twitvim-0.9.1.vmb
    :so %

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
twitvim-0.9.1.vmb 0.9.1 2015-08-28 7.4 Po Shan Cheah Support higher char limit for DMs.
twitvim-0.9.0.vmb 0.9.0 2015-04-10 7.4 Po Shan Cheah * Removed identi.ca support and legacy code.
* Removed support for old token file formats.
* Removed old Twitter search code.
* Removed some obscure URL shortening services.
* Updated to bit.ly v3 API.
* Removed old goo.gl URL shortening code.
* Removed services menu because we only have Twitter now.
* Removed public timeline command.
* Moved most of the plugin code to an autoload file.
* Search header fix in UTF-8 encoding. (@mattn_jp)
* Don't use curl -p for HTTP. (@mattn_jp)
* Handle surrogate pairs. (@mattn_jp)
twitvim-0.8.2.vmb 0.8.2 2014-04-01 7.3 Po Shan Cheah Added support for stock symbols.
Twitter URLs are now https-only.
Check for zero-length messages earlier so that the user can cancel a Twitter post without logging in.
twitvim-0.8.1.vmb 0.8.1 2013-08-14 7.3 Po Shan Cheah * Fix for suspended users in followers list.
* Rewrote URL regex for new regex engine in Vim 7.4.
twitvim-0.8.0.vmb 0.8.0 2013-01-02 7.0 Po Shan Cheah * Support for Twitter API 1.1.
* Support for identi.ca OAuth and switching between Twitter OAuth and identi.ca OAuth logins.
* Added twitvim_force_ssl.
* Added :DeleteLoginTwitter.
* Add in-reply-to status to old-style retweets. (@mattn_jp)
* Fix for old-style retweets with '&' characters.
* Some fixes for https proxy support.
twitvim-0.7.4.vmb 0.7.4 2012-05-07 7.0 Po Shan Cheah * Allow users to customize timestamp format in timeline displays.
* Take Twitter's URL-wrapping into account when counting characters in tweets. You do not have to shorten URLs manually any more. Just post to Twitter with the original URLs and TwitVim will ensure that the tweet fits the 140-character limit after Twitter's t.co link-wrapping.
* Added network timeout option.
* Added Python 3 networking and OAuth code.
* Switched from page-style pagination to max_id-style pagination because page-style pagination has been deprecated. As a result, all timeline commands will cease to accept count parameters and :PreviousTwitter will return to the top page regardless of current page number.
* Switched to new API for :FollowingTwitter and :FollowersTwitter because the old API was deprecated.
* :FollowTwitter now stops you from following a user that you are already following. This is to avoid triggering a Twitter bug where the following flag reverts to 'follow request sent' if the subject's timeline is protected.
twitvim-0.7.3.vmb 0.7.3 2012-01-25 7.0 Po Shan Cheah * Switched to JSON API for Twitter Search so that TwitVim can support t.co URL expansion and in-reply-to in search results.
* Made the URL-matching pattern more accurate.
twitvim-0.7.2.vmb 0.7.2 2011-11-16 7.0 Po Shan Cheah * Allow users to use their own consumer key and secret. See twitvim_consumer_key and twitvim_consumer_secret.
* Added t.co URL expansion for media URLs too.
* Added confirmation prompt before new-style retweet.
* Added a fix for :TrendTwitter and :SetTrendLocationTwitter because Twitter removed support for XML format in those APIs.
* Read token file before first invocation of :SwitchLoginTwitter to ensure it has the list of logins ready. (@mattn_jp)
twitvim-0.7.1.vmb 0.7.1 2011-09-21 7.0 Po Shan Cheah * Added trending topics. :TrendTwitter and :SetTrendLocationTwitter
* Some fixes for browser-launching issues.
* Fix for quoting issue when doing goo.gl URL shortening with cURL network interface under Windows.
* Support for HTML hex entities.
* Show 'follow request sent' in user profile display if that is the case.
twitvim-0.7.0.vba 0.7.0 2011-07-06 7.0 Po Shan Cheah * Faster XML parser.
* Replaced deprecated Twitter API calls with updated versions.
* OAuth multi-login feature. Added :SwitchLoginTwitter command.
twitvim-0.6.3.vba 0.6.3 2011-05-13 7.0 Po Shan Cheah Auto-expand t.co URLs in timeline displays.
Added timeline filtering.
twitvim-0.6.2.vba 0.6.2 2011-04-01 7.0 Po Shan Cheah * Added more user relationship info to :ProfileTwitter.
* Added :EnableRetweetsTwitter and :DisableRetweetsTwitter.
* Switch to new (documented) goo.gl API.
* Added :ListInfoTwitter.
twitvim-0.6.1.vba 0.6.1 2011-01-06 7.0 Po Shan Cheah * Fix for buffer stack bug if user closes a window manually.
* Use https OAuth endpoints if user has set up https API root.
* Match a URL even if prefix is in mixed case.
twitvim-0.6.0.vba 0.6.0 2010-10-27 7.0 Po Shan Cheah * Added :FollowingTwitter, :FollowersTwitter.
* Added :MembersOfListTwitter, :SubsOfListTwitter, :OwnedListsTwitter, :MemberListsTwitter, :SubsListsTwitter, :FollowListTwitter, :UnfollowListTwitter.
* Added support for goo.gl :Googl and Rga.la. :Rgala
* Extended TwitVim-Leader-g to support Name: lines in user profile and following/followers lists.
* Added history stack for info buffer.
* Added :BackInfoTwitter, :ForwardInfoTwitter, :RefreshInfoTwitter, :NextInfoTwitter, :PreviousInfoTwitter for the info buffer. Also added support for TwitVim-C-PageDown and TwitVim-C-PageUp in info buffer.
* Added twitvim filetype for user customization via autocommands.
* Changed display of retweets to show the full version instead of the truncated version when the retweeted status is near the character limit.
* :ProfileTwitter with no argument now shows info on logged-in user.
* Made TwitVim-Leader-@ work on new-style retweets by showing the retweeted status as the parent.
twitvim-0.5.6.vba 0.5.6 2010-09-26 7.0 Po Shan Cheah * Exception handling for Python net interface.
* Added converter functions for non-UTF8 encoding by @mattn_jp.
* Convert entities in profile name, bio, and location. (Suggested by code933k)
* Fix for posting foreign chars when encoding is not UTF8 and net method is not Curl.
* Support twitvim_count in :DMTwitter and :DMSentTwitter.
* Added :FavTwitter and mappings to favorite and unfavorite tweets.
twitvim-0.5.5.vba 0.5.5 2010-08-23 7.0 Po Shan Cheah Added a way to compute HMAC-SHA1 digests using openssl command line utility.
twitvim-0.5.4.vba 0.5.4 2010-08-14 7.0 Po Shan Cheah * Added Ruby and Tcl versions of HMAC-SHA1 digest code.
* Improved error messages for cURL users.
* Code fix to keep 'nomodifiable' setting from leaking out into other buffers.
* Support Twitter SSL via Tcl interface.
twitvim-0.5.3.vba 0.5.3 2010-07-03 7.0 Po Shan Cheah * Improved error messages for most commands if using Perl, Python, Ruby, or Tcl interfaces.
* Added :FollowTwitter, :UnfollowTwitter, :BlockTwitter, :UnblockTwitter, :ReportSpamTwitter, :AddToListTwitter, :RemoveFromListTwitter.

twitvim-0.5.2.vba 0.5.2 2010-06-22 7.0 Po Shan Cheah More fixes for Twitter OAuth.
twitvim-0.5.1.vba 0.5.1 2010-06-19 7.0 Po Shan Cheah * Shorten auth URL with is.gd/Bitly if we need to ask the user to visit it manually.
* Fixed the :PublicTwitter invalid request error.
* Include new-style retweets in user timeline.
twitvim-0.5.0.vba 0.5.0 2010-06-17 7.0 Po Shan Cheah Switched to OAuth for user authentication on Twitter.
Added more information to :ProfileTwitter output.
twitvim-0.4.7.vba 0.4.7 2010-03-13 7.0 Po Shan Cheah * Added :MentionsTwitter as an alias for :RepliesTwitter.
* Support twitvim_count in :MentionsTwitter.
* Fixed twitvim_count bug in :ListTwitter.
* Fixed Ruby interface problem with Vim patch 7.2.374.
* Fixed :BackTwitter behavior when timeline window is hidden by user.
* Handle SocketError exception in Ruby code.
twitvim-0.4.6.vba 0.4.6 2010-02-14 7.0 Po Shan Cheah Added twitvim_show_header config to allow user to hide the timeline header.
Minor fix to normal commands to avoid inadvertently triggering user mappings.
twitvim-0.4.5.vba 0.4.5 2009-12-31 7.0 Po Shan Cheah Prompt user for Twitter login if not configured in vimrc. Reintroduced old-style retweets via user option.
twitvim-0.4.4.vba 0.4.4 2009-12-17 7.0 Po Shan Cheah Added some support for Retweet API.
Fixed :BackTwitter behavior with lists.
Upgraded bit.ly API support to version 2.0.1.
Added support for Zi.ma URL shortener.
twitvim-0.4.3.vba 0.4.3 2009-11-27 7.0 Po Shan Cheah * Added |:ListTwitter|
* Fixed some minor breakage in LongURL support.
* Omit author's name from the list when doing a reply to all.
twitvim-0.4.2.vba 0.4.2 2009-07-10 7.0 Po Shan Cheah * Bugfix: Reset syntax items in Twitter window.
* Bugfix: Show progress message before querying for in-reply-to tweet.
* Added reply to all feature.
twitvim-0.4.1.vba 0.4.1 2009-03-30 7.0 Po Shan Cheah Fixed a problem with usernames and search terms that begin with digits.
twitvim-0.4.0.vba 0.4.0 2009-03-09 7.0 Po Shan Cheah Many changes. See release notes at http://mortonfox.livejournal.com/654033.html
twitvim-0.3.5.vba 0.3.5 2009-02-04 7.0 Po Shan Cheah * Added support for pagination and page length to :SearchTwitter.
* Shortened default retweet prefix to "RT".
twitvim-0.3.4.vba 0.3.4 2008-11-14 7.0 Po Shan Cheah Added twitvim_count option to allow user to configure the number of tweets returned by :FriendsTwitter and :UserTwitter.
twitvim-0.3.3.vba 0.3.3 2008-10-09 7.0 Po Shan Cheah * Added support for Cligs. |:Cligs|
* Fixed a problem with not being able to unset the proxy if using Tcl http.
twitvim-0.3.2.vba 0.3.2 2008-10-01 7.0 Po Shan Cheah * Added command to display rate limit info.
* Improved error reporting for :UserTwitter.
* Added command and mapping to display user profile information.
* Added command for updating location.
* Added support for tr.im.
* Error reporting fix for Tcl http code.
twitvim-0.3.1.vba 0.3.1 2008-09-22 7.0 Po Shan Cheah * Added support for http networking through the Vim Perl, Python, Ruby, and Tcl interfaces, as alternatives to cURL. See :help TwitVim-non-cURL for setup details.
* Removed UrlTea support.
* Added support for posting Unicode tweets.
* Added support for LongURL.
* Remove newlines from tweets before retweeting.

twitvim-0.2.24.vba 0.2.24 2008-08-29 7.0 Po Shan Cheah Added retweet feature.
twitvim-0.2.23.vba 0.2.23 2008-08-26 7.0 Po Shan Cheah * Support in_reply_to_status_id parameter.
* Added tip on line length in statusline.
* Report browser launch errors.
* Set syntax highlighting on every timeline refresh.
twitvim-0.2.22.vba 0.2.22 2008-08-13 7.0 Po Shan Cheah Rewrote date/time formatting code in pure Vim script so it should now work on almost any Vim installation without requiring if_perl or if_python.
twitvim-0.2.21.vba 0.2.21 2008-08-12 7.0 Po Shan Cheah * Added tips section to documentation.
* Use create_or_reuse instead of create in UrlBorg API so that it will always generate the same short URL for the same long URL.
* Added support for highlighting #hashtags and jumping to Twitter Searches for #hashtags.
* Added Python code to convert Twitter timestamps to local time and simplify them.
twitvim-0.2.20.vba 0.2.20 2008-07-24 7.0 Po Shan Cheah Switched from Summize to Twitter Search.
twitvim-0.2.19.vba 0.2.19 2008-07-23 7.0 Po Shan Cheah Added support for non-Twitter servers implementing the Twitter API. This is for identi.ca support.
twitvim-0.2.18.vba 0.2.18 2008-07-14 7.0 Po Shan Cheah Added support for urlBorg API.
twitvim-0.2.17.vba 0.2.17 2008-07-11 7.0 Po Shan Cheah * Added command to show DM Sent Timeline.
* Added support for pagination in Friends, User, Replies, DM, and DM Sent timelines.
* Added support for bit.ly API and is.gd API.
twitvim-0.2.16a.vba 0.2.16a 2008-05-15 7.0 Po Shan Cheah Escape ! character in browser launch URL.
twitvim-0.2.16.vba 0.2.16 2008-05-15 7.0 Po Shan Cheah Removed quotes around browser launch URL. There was a problem with TwitPic.
twitvim-0.2.15.vba 0.2.15 2008-05-13 7.0 Po Shan Cheah * Extend :UserTwitter and :FriendsTwitter to show another user's timeline if argument supplied.
* Extend Alt-G mapping to jump to another user's timeline if invoked over @user or user:
* Escape special Vim shell characters in URL when launching web browser.
twitvim-0.2.14.vba 0.2.14 2008-05-12 7.0 Po Shan Cheah Added support for Summize search API.
twitvim-0.2.13.vba 0.2.13 2008-05-07 7.0 Po Shan Cheah Added mappings to launch web browser on URLs in timeline.
twitvim-0.2.12.vba 0.2.12 2008-05-05 7.0 Po Shan Cheah Allow user to specify Twitter login info and proxy login info preencoded in base64.
twitvim-0.2.11.vba 0.2.11 2008-05-02 7.0 Po Shan Cheah * Scroll to top in timeline window after adding an update line.
* Add <Leader>r and <Leader>d mappings as alternative to Alt-R and Alt-D.
twitvim-0.2.10.vba 0.2.10 2008-04-25 7.0 Po Shan Cheah * Shortened snipurl.com to snipr.com
* Added support for proxy authentication.
* Handle Perl module load failure. Not that I expect those modules to ever be missing.
twitvim-0.2.9.vba 0.2.9 2008-04-22 7.0 Po Shan Cheah * Added some status messages.
* Added menu items under Plugin menu.
* Allow Ctrl-T as an alternative to Alt-T to avoid conflict with the menu bar.
* Added support for UrlTea API.
* Generalize URL encoding to all non-alpha chars.
twitvim-0.2.8.vba 0.2.8 2008-04-22 7.0 Po Shan Cheah * Encode URLs sent to URL-shortening services.
twitvim-0.2.7.vba 0.2.7 2008-04-21 7.0 Po Shan Cheah * Add support for TinyURL API.
* Add quick direct message feature.
twitvim-0.2.6.vba 0.2.6 2008-04-15 7.0 Po Shan Cheah * Delete Twitter buffer to the blackhole register to avoid stepping on registers unnecessarily.
* Quote login and proxy arguments before sending to cURL.
* Added support for SnipURL API and Metamark API.
twitvim-0.2.5.vba 0.2.5 2008-04-14 7.0 Po Shan Cheah * Escape the "+" character in sent tweets.
* Added Perl code to convert Twitter timestamps to local time and simplify them.
* Fix for timestamp highlight when the "|" character appears in a tweet.
twitvim-0.2.4.vba 0.2.4 2008-04-13 7.0 Po Shan Cheah * Use <q-args> in Tweetburner commands.
* Improve XML parsing so that order of elements does not matter.
* Changed T mapping to Alt-T to avoid overriding the |T| command.
twitvim-0.2.3.vba 0.2.3 2008-04-11 7.0 Po Shan Cheah Added more Tweetburner commands.
twitvim-0.2.2.vba 0.2.2 2008-04-10 7.0 Po Shan Cheah * Added quick reply feature.
   * Added Tweetburner support.
   * Changed client ident to "from twitvim".
twitvim-0.2.1.vba 0.2.1 2008-04-10 7.0 Po Shan Cheah Bug fix for Chinese characters in timeline.
Scroll up to newest tweet after refreshing timeline.
Changed Twitter window name to avoid unsafe special characters and clashes with file names.
twitvim-0.2.0.vba 0.2.0 2008-04-09 7.0 Po Shan Cheah Added views for public, friends, user timelines, replies, and direct messages. Automatically insert user's posts into public, friends, or user timeline, if visible. Added syntax highlighting for timeline view.
twitvim.vba 0.1.2 2008-04-03 7.0 Po Shan Cheah Added help documentation. Made plugin code conform to guidelines in :help write-plugin. Repackaged as Vimball archive.
twitvim.vim 0.1.1 2008-04-01 7.0 Po Shan Cheah Report errors from or problems with cURL.
twitvim.vim 0.1 2008-03-28 7.0 Po Shan Cheah Initial version.
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