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Specky! : Functions to help make behavioral testing easy with ruby and rspec.

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Mahlon Smith
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Specky is a small collection of Vim functions to help make behavioral testing streamlined and easy when working with ruby and rspec.

Here are some of the things you can do with Specky, with a single key stroke:

    * Switch back and forth from code to testing spec
    * Run the spec, with results going to a new, syntax highlighted buffer
    * Jump quickly to spec failures and failure detail
    * View rdoc of the word under the cursor
    * Dynamically switch string types for the word under the cursor (double quoted, quoted, symbol)
    * Create comment banners quickly

Specky also includes a couple of conveniences to make your everyday programming tasks smooooth and pleasurable, such as:

    * File detection for spec files (that are named in the traditional *_spec.rb fashion.)
    * Syntax highlighting for rspec and rdoc
    * "Snippets" for rspec, using the Snipmate (vimscript #2540) plugin.

You can see a screencast of Specky here: http://projects.martini.nu/vim-stuff/wiki/SpeckyCast

This is my first official VIM plugin.  Advice/props/criticisms all equally appreciated, but please let me know if you're using it!  (mahlon@martini.nu)  
install details
Install the VimBall plugin (vimscript #1502) if you don't already have it.

Then open specky.vba from within vim.

    :so %

Restart vim, and read the the docs (:help specky) for what to do next!


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package script version date Vim version user release notes
specky.vba.gz 1.6 2012-02-11 7.0 Mahlon Smith Minor updates to get Specky working again with rspec 2.8.
specky.vba.gz 1.5 2010-12-25 7.0 Mahlon Smith Emit file/line in failure detail. (You can use 'gF' to jump straight to it!)  Show context lines for failure detail.  Put the spec summary info at the top of the screen.  Small documentation fixes.  Problems?  Make sure you're running rspec 2.3.x.  Merry X-Mas!
specky.vba.gz 1.4 2010-12-19 7.0 Mahlon Smith This is the Specky "rspec 2.x" release, supporting rspec 2 via a new custom rspec formatter.  This is now the default, though rspec 1 is also still supported.  Syntax highlighting and snippets brought up to date with 2.x.  Install instructions have changed, please read the docs for setup information!
specky.vba.gz 1.3 2009-06-16 7.0 Mahlon Smith Minor bump, add rspec 1.26 'expect to' and 'expect to_not' syntax highlights and snippets.
specky.vba.gz 1.2 2009-04-20 7.0 Mahlon Smith Add support for opening spec output and rdoc in a new tab/horz split/vert split.  Support syntax highlighting for -implemented- pending specs.  (spec code wrapped in a 'pending' block, vs an 'it' declaration that has no block.)  Allow rdoc lookup from rspec mode.  Banner creation now respects current indent level.
specky.vba.gz 1.1 2009-04-09 7.0 Mahlon Smith Provide matchit compatibility functions (piggybacking on the base ruby type) for rspec files.  Many thanks to Douglas McInnes (lloyd at lloydslounge org) for the patch!
specky.vba.gz 1.0 2009-04-05 7.0 Mahlon Smith Fixed rdoc display bug introduced in the last version.  Added new screencast, found here: http://projects.martini.nu/vim-stuff/wiki/SpeckyCast
specky.vba.gz 0.9 2009-04-02 7.0 Mahlon Smith Added file detection and syntax highlighting for spec files, and now distribute an rspec snippet (vimscript #2540) file as part of the package.
specky.vba.gz 0.8 2009-03-22 7.0 Mahlon Smith Fixed quote switching so it plays nice with the excellent 'Surround' plugin.  Added comment banner creation.
specky.vba.gz 0.7 2008-08-15 7.0 Mahlon Smith Removed the alignment routine completely.  There are far more robust implementations of this sort of thing already. (vimscript #294)
specky.vba 0.6 2008-08-10 6.0 Mahlon Smith Added rudamentary syntax highlighting for rdoc output.
specky.vba 0.6 2008-08-06 7.0 Mahlon Smith Switched to VimBall packaging.  Added real documentation.  Better whitespace cleanup for 'Align'.  Saner config args for overriding defaults.
specky.zip 0.5 2008-07-31 7.0 Mahlon Smith Add context line padding around assertion failure detail.  Auto switch to spec if run while in code.  Script cleanup. Fixed stupid typo (my vimscript needs rspec!).
specky.zip 0.4 2008-07-29 7.0 Mahlon Smith Fix bug with rdoc "multiple match" cWORD.
specky.zip 0.3 2008-07-29 7.0 Mahlon Smith Added assigment and hash key/value line alignment.
specky.zip 0.2 2008-07-09 7.0 Mahlon Smith Added syntax highlighting for spec output, and spec assertion failure 'jumping'.  Screencast available for your viewing pleasure.
specky.vim 0.1 2008-07-06 7.0 Mahlon Smith Initial upload
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