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log.vim : logging library

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created by
Yukihiro Nakadaira
script type
  " in .vimrc
  call log#init('ALL', ['/dev/stdout', '~/.vim/log.txt'])

  " in script
  let s:log = log#getLogger(expand('<sfile>:t'))

  function s:func()
    call s:log.trace('start of func()')
    if s:log.isDebugEnabled()
      call s:log.debug('debug information')
    call s:log.trace('end of func()')

  " If you want to distribute your script without log.vim, use :silent! or
  " exists().
  silent! let s:log = log#getLogger(expand('<sfile>:t'))
  function s:func()
    silent! call s:log.info('aaa')
    if exists('s:log')
      call s:log.info('bbb')


  function log#init(level, targets [, format [, filter]])
  @param level [String]
    For example, when level is 'WARN', output of log.warn(), log.error() and
    log.fatal() will appear in log.
  @param targets [mixed]
    Output target.  Filename or Function or Dictionary or List of these
      Log is appended to the file.
      function Log(str)
        echo a:str
      let Log = {}
      function Log.__call__(str)
        echohl Error
        echo a:str
        echohl None
  @param format [String]
    Log format.  {expr} is replaced by eval(expr).  For example, {getpid()}
    is useful to detect session.  Following special variables are available.
    {level}   log level like DEBUG, INFO, etc...
    {name}    log name specified by log#getLogger(name)
    {msg}     log message
    If this is 0, '', [] or {} (empty(format) is true), default is used.
    default:  [{level}][{strftime("%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S")}][{name}] {msg}
  @param filter [mixed]
    Pattern (String) or Function or Dictionary to filter log session.
    Filter is applied to name that specified by log#getLogger(name).  If
    result is false, logging session do not output any text.
    Pattern (String):
      name =~ Pattern
      function Filter(name)
        return a:name == 'mylib'
      let Filter = {}
      let Filter.filter = ['alib', 'blib', 'clib']
      function Filter.__call__(name)
        return index(self.filter, a:name) != -1
  @return void

  function log#getLogger(name)
  @param name [String] Log name
  @return Logger object
install details
Put this file in autoload directory in your 'runtimepath'.

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log.vim 1.0 2008-08-05 7.0 Yukihiro Nakadaira Initial upload
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