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arpeggio : Key mappings for simultaneously pressed keys

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Kana Natsuno
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*arpeggio* is a Vim plugin to define another type of |key-mapping| called
*arpeggio-key-mapping* -- it consists of 2 or more keys ({lhs}) and it will be
expanded to another key sequence ({rhs}) whenever all keys in {lhs} are
simultaneously pressed.  For example:

Arpeggio inoremap jk  <Esc>
" OR
call arpeggio#map('i', '', 0, 'jk', '<Esc>')

With the above definition, you can input <Esc> in Insert mode by pressing "j"
and "k" simultaneously, while you can move the cursor by pressing "j" or "k"

The concept of this plugin is derived from Emacs' key-chord.el (*1), but there
are the following differences:

- Number of keys to be simultaneously pressed is unlimited.

- Custom delay for each key is supported (see |g:arpeggio_timeoutlens|).
  This is a generalization of space-chord.el (*2).

(*1) http://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/key-chord.el
(*2) http://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/space-chord.el

- Vim 7.2 or later

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
vim-arpeggio-0.0.6.zip 0.0.6 2010-04-20 7.0 Kana Natsuno - Fix |arpeggio-commands| to behave the same as |:map| commands.  In other words, " and keys after " in {rhs} for |arpeggio-commands| are treated as a part of {rhs}.  Old versions don't behave so.
- Fix minor bugs.
- Revise the document a bit.
- Revise additional syntax highlighting a bit.
vim-arpeggio-0.0.5.zip 0.0.5 2008-12-06 7.0 Kana Natsuno - Remove the assumption on 'timeout' and 'ttimeout'.  Old version
  assumes that "set timeout notimeout", but now their values can be
- Fix the bug that 'ttimeoutlen' can be interpreted as an unexpected
  value because of the adjustment of 'timeout' and 'timeoutlen' for
  arpeggio key mappings.
vim-arpeggio-0.0.4.zip 0.0.4 2008-11-11 7.0 Kana Natsuno - Add syntax highlighting for |arpeggio-commands|.
- Fix bugs of "noremap" version of |arpeggio-commands| such as
  |:Arpeggionoremap| that {rhs} are remapped despite the meaning of
  the commands.  (Thanks for id:ampmmn)
vim-arpeggio-0.0.3.zip 0.0.3 2008-11-09 7.0 Kana Natsuno - Add |:Arpeggio|.
- Support |:map-<unique>| for |arpeggio#map()| and other commands.
- In |arpeggio#map()| and other commands, warn if a key in {lhs} is
  already mapped to something other than a part of another
- Add custom 'timeoutlen' per key.  See |g:arpeggio_timeoutlens|.
- Add a bit of completion for |arpeggio-commands|.
vim-arpeggio-0.0.2.zip 0.0.2 2008-11-07 7.0 Kana Natsuno - Fix |:Arpeggionoremap| that allowed remapping but it should not do
  so.  (Thanks for id:ampmmn)
- Define |arpeggio-commands| and |arpeggio-variables| automatically
  for interactive or other use.  (But you still have to call
  |arpeggio#load()| to use them in vimrc.)
vim-arpeggio-0.0.1.zip 0.0.1 2008-11-06 7.0 Kana Natsuno - Implement |arpeggio-commands|.
- Add missing |arpeggio#list()|.
- Revise minor stuffs.
vim-arpeggio-0.0.0.zip 0.0.0 2008-11-05 7.0 Kana Natsuno Initial upload
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