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user name kana
first name Kana
last name Natsuno
email whileimautomaton+vimgmailcom
registered Vim
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Script Contributions

narrow Emulate Emacs' narrowing feature
fakeclip pseudo clipboard register for non-GUI version of Vim
xml_autons auto :XMLns by the current content
textobj-user Support for user-defined text objects
textobj-datetime Text objects for date and time
scratch Emacs like scratch buffer
flydiff on-the-fly diff
textobj-fold Text objects for foldings
textobj-jabraces Text objects for Japanese braces
smartchr Insert several candidates with a single key
skeleton Skeleton for newly created buffers
metarw a framework to read/write a fake:path
metarw-git metarw scheme: git
ku An interface for anything
bundle Load a series of files easily
ku-bundle ku source: bundle
ku-metarw ku source: metarw
textobj-lastpat Text objects for the last searched pattern
advice alter the behavior of a command in modular way
stackreg Vz-like stackable registers
ku-args ku source: args
textobj-diff Text objects for ouputs of diff(1)
arpeggio Key mappings for simultaneously pressed keys
outputz outputz interface for Vim
submode Create your own submodes
smartword Smart motions on words
textobj-indent Text objects for indented blocks of lines
ctxabbr Context-sensitive abbreviations
textobj-entire Text objects for entire buffer
textobj-function Text object for a function
ku-quickfix ku source: quickfix
smarttill Smart motions, till before/after a punctuation
altercmd Alter built-in Ex commands by your own ones
operator-user Define your own operator easily
textobj-syntax Text objects for syntax highlighted items
grex Operate on lines matched to the last search pattern (:g/re/x)
operator-replace Operator to replace text with register content
wwwsearch Search WWW easily from Vim
exjumplist Extra commands for jumplist
textobj-fatpack Various text objects in single package
vspec Testing framework for Vim script
nevfn Dark colorscheme based on desert
textobj-line Text objects for the current line
gf-user A framework to open a file by context
gf-diff Go to a hunk from diff output
tabpagecd Use one tab page per project
altr Switch to the missing file without interaction
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