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smartword : Smart motions on words

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Kana Natsuno
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*smartword* is a Vim plugin to provide {motion}s on |word|s which are smarter
than the built-in ones in some sense.  For example, |w| moves the cursor to
the next word as follows (here "#" means a position to which |w| moves the
cursor for each time):

<a href="http://www.vim.org/">www.vim.org</a>;
# #   # #   #  #  ##  ##  #  #  ##  ##  # #

Because there are two types of words and |w| moves to the next word which can
be the both types.  Let's call "L" for a type of words and "P" for another
type of words, where "L" means a word which consists of a sequence of letters
(which are defined by 'iskeyword' option) and "P" means a word which consists
of a sequence of other non-blank characters.

In many cases, you might want to move to the next "L", not "P".  This plugin
provides {motion}s to behave so.  For example, |<Plug>(smartword-w)| which is
corresponding to |w| moves the cursor as follows:

<a href="http://www.vim.org/">www.vim.org</a>;
# #     #      #   #   #     #   #   #    #

See also |smartword-examples| for customization.

See also the following image if the above figures aren't correctly displayed:

- Vim 7.2 or later

Latest version:

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
vim-smartword-0.0.2.zip 0.0.2 2009-01-23 7.0 Kana Natsuno - Fix the document a bit.
- Revise the treatment on 'iskeyword'.
- Fix 2 bugs on |<Plug>(smartword-e)| and |<Plug>(smartword-ge)| with |o_v|.  These bugs are appeared only in Vim with the patch (*).
vim-smartword-0.0.1.zip 0.0.1 2008-12-06 7.0 Kana Natsuno - Fix |<Plug>(smartword-e)| and |<Plug>(smartword-ge)| to be
  |inclusive| as same as |e| and |ge|.
vim-smartword-0.0.0.zip 0.0.0 2008-12-05 7.0 Kana Natsuno Initial upload
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