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operator-user : Define your own operator easily

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created by
Kana Natsuno
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*operator-user* is a Vim library plugin to provide an easy way to define your
own |operator|.  Though there are several pitfalls to define operators, you
don't have to take care of them with |operator#user#define()| which are
provided by this library plugin.

For example, the following code defines operator "_" to adjust the height of
the current window to the same as the target range:

map _  <Plug>(operator-adjust)
call operator#user#define('adjust', 'Op_adjust_window_height')
function! Op_adjust_window_height(motion_wiseness)
  execute (line("']") - line("'[") + 1) 'wincmd' '_'
  normal! `[zt

You can use this operator as follows:

10__ Adjust to 10 lines and show the current line at the top.
_ip Adjust to the same height of the paragraph under the cursor.

This operator is useful to adjust the visible content in the current window.

See also |operator-user-examples| for more examples and explanations.

- Vim 7.2 or later

- |grex| (vimscript#2773)
- |operator-replace| (vimscript#2782)
- |wwwsearch| (vimscript#2785)

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
vim-operator-user-0.0.7.zip 0.0.7 2012-06-02 7.0 Kana Natsuno - |operator#user#define_ex_command|: Support {ex-command} including "'".  For example: s/"/'/g
- Refine old-style test scripts.
vim-operator-user-0.0.5.zip 0.0.5 2009-09-07 7.0 Kana Natsuno - Add |operator#user#visual_command_from_wise_name()|.
- Revise a bit of the document.
vim-operator-user-0.0.4.zip 0.0.4 2009-09-07 7.0 Kana Natsuno - Fix a bug that it rarely fails to select the same text as a given {motion} in Normal mode.  It is caused by a bug in Vim; |v:count1| may be 0 in some cases.
- Fix a bug that register designation ("a, "b, etc) doesn't work for user defiend operators.
vim-operator-user-0.0.3.zip 0.0.3 2009-09-04 7.0 Kana Natsuno Incompatible change:
- |operator#user#define()|, |operator#user#define_ex_command()|: Change the meaning of the first argument:

  Old versions:
  The argument is {lhs} to execute the operator to be defined.

  New version:
  The argument is {name} of the operator to be defined.
  {lhs} to execute the operator is "<Plug>(operator-{name})".

  See also |operator-user-bugs-C| for the details.
vim-operator-user-0.0.2.zip 0.0.2 2009-09-03 7.0 Kana Natsuno - Add |operator#user#define_ex_command()|.
- Add a note on a bug.  See |operator-user-bugs-B| for the details.
- Remove :DefineOperator.  It's useless as a part of this library.
vim-operator-user-0.0.1.zip 0.0.1 2009-07-18 7.0 Kana Natsuno - Rename as "operator-user".  The old name "myoperator" is not good for further works.
vim-myoperator-0.0.0.zip 0.0.0 2009-06-26 7.0 Kana Natsuno Initial upload
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