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vimtemplate : MRU-like simple template management plugin

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see latest version at http://github.com/tyru/vimtemplate.vim/
and if you know more about template syntax, see my template files in .vim at http://github.com/tyru/dotfiles/

My .vimrc setting:
  let g:vt_template_dir_path = expand("$HOME/.vim/template")
  let g:vt_command = ""
  let g:vt_author = "tyru"
  let g:vt_email = "tyru.exe@gmail.com"

  let s:files_tmp = {
      'cppsrc.cpp'    : "cpp",
      'csharp.cs'     : "cs",
      'csrc.c'        : "c",
      'header.h'      : "c",
      'hina.html'     : "html",
      'javasrc.java'  : "java",
      'perl.pl'       : "perl",
      'perlmodule.pm' : "perl",
      'python.py'     : "python",
      'scala.scala'   : "scala",
      'scheme.scm'    : "scheme",
      'vimscript.vim' : "vim"
  let g:vt_filetype_files = join(map(keys(s:files_tmp), 'v:val . "=" . s:files_tmp[v:val]'), ',')
  unlet s:files_tmp

          open template files list.

          open template files list.

      g:vt_template_dir_path (default:"$HOME/.vim/template")
          search files in this dir.
          to specify multi-dirs, set paths joined with ",".

      g:vt_command (default:"VimTemplate")
          command name.
          if this is empty string, won't define the command.

      g:vt_mapping (default:"gt")
          if this is empty string, won't define the mapping.

      g:vt_list_buf_height (default:7)
          height of list buffer.
          buffer shows you list of template files.

      g:vt_filetype_files (default: "")
          when you load one of these files or exec :setlocal ft=<filetype>.
          search these files in your g:vt_template_dir_path.
          e.g.: "java_template.java=java,cpp_template.cpp=cpp"

          expand <%author%> to this value.

          expand <%email%> to this value.

      please open the list buffer
      after naming current buffer by

      :e[dit] filename
      :f[ile] filename

      if you didn't, this script uses template file path.
      and you don't have to delete whitespace in <%%>.
      this plugin also allows both <%filename%> and <% filename %>.

          will expand into result value of code.

          will expand into current path.
          same as <%eval:expand('%')%>.

          will expand into current file name.
          same as <%eval:expand('%:t')%>.

          will expand into current file name without extension.
          same as <%eval:expand('%:t:r')%>.

          will expand into current filename's extension.
          same as <%eval:expand('%:e')%>.

        will expand into camel case of expand('%:t:r').
        so extension is not added to result.

            foo-bar.baz => FooBar
            foo_bar.baz => FooBar

        will expand into snake case of expand('%:t:r').
        so extension is not added to result.

        e.g.: FooBar.baz => foo_bar

          will expand into current file's dir.
          same as <%eval:expand('%:p:h')%>.

          same as <% eval: g:vt_author %>.

          same as <% eval: g:vt_email %>.

install details
move into your plugin folder.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
vimtemplate.vim 0.0.6 2009-09-13 6.0 tyru
- fix bugs:
    - did not ignore whitespaces in <% ... %>
    - if filename is 'FooBar.baz',
      <%filename_snake%> was expanded to '_foo_bar'.
      now is expanded to 'foo_bar'.
- more speed optimization
- <%filename_camel%> now supports '-' and '_' in filename
- implement <%filename_ext%> as template syntax
vimtemplate.vim 0.0.5 2009-09-11 6.0 tyru speed optimization and fix bugs.
vimtemplate.vim 0.0.4 2009-05-31 6.0 tyru 0.0.4: delete g:vt_files_using_template. and support modeline in template file.
vimtemplate.vim 0.0.3 2009-05-31 6.0 tyru add <%author%>, <%email%>, <%filename_camel%>, <%filename_snake%>
vimtemplate.vim 0.0.2 2009-05-28 6.0 tyru fix bug that vimtemplate won't inline
and delete g:vt_support_command and g:vt_support_mapping.
not to define/map command/mapping.
let g:vt_command/g:vt_mapping be empty.

vimtemplate.vim 0.0.1 2009-04-23 6.0 tyru implement g:vt_files_using_template and its template syntax.
vimtemplate.vim 0.0.0 2009-04-21 6.0 tyru Initial upload
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