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Script Contributions

nextfile open the next or previous file
WinMove Move your gVim
vimtemplate MRU-like simple template management plugin
kirikiri.vim syntax file for kirikiri (吉里吉里)
sign-diff show the diff status at left sidebar
DumbBuf simple buffer manager like QuickBuf.vim
restart.vim Restart your gVim
pummode Select completion menu with j and k.
stickykey You don't need press very far away meta keys
operator-camelize snake_case -> SnakeCase, CamelCase -> camel_case
skk.vim Japanese SKK
open-browser.vim Open URI with your favorite browser from your most favorite editor
regbuf.vim Handy :registers buffer
current-func-info.vim Get current function name
operator-reverse Operator to reverse text/lines
grass.vim syntax file for grass
savemap.vim savemap is the library to save current mapping(s)/abbreviation(s)
operator-html-escape operator-html-escape provides operator to escape HTML entities.
urilib URI library in vim script inspired by URI.pm
visualctrlg Report info about selected text
operator-star This plugin provides the operator versions of |star|, |gstar|, |#|, |g#|.
autochmodx.vim If a current file looks like an executable script, make it executable by chmod
caw.vim Comment plugin: Operator mappings/Dot-repeatable/300+ filetypes
open-browser-unicode.vim Open fileformat.info page about character on current cursor / given character
open-browser-github.vim Open GitHub URL of file, issue, pull request (GitHub Enterprise supported)
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