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sign-diff : show the diff status at left sidebar

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now this plugin supports Windows though cmd.exe shows up at front most...

diff program for windows here:
or see cygwin, mingw.

          add current file to diff list.
          current buffer will be diffed with
          the written file's buffer.
          if you want to change that, see g:SD_comp_with.
          update signs.
          start showing signs.
          stop showing signs.
          toggle showing signs.
          list all signs in current file

  Global Variables:
      g:SD_backupdir (default:'~/.vim-sign-diff')
          backup directory to save some backup of current file.
          this dir will be mkdir-ed if doesn't exist.

      g:SD_diffopt (default:&diffopt)
          script local value of &diffopt.

      g:SD_diffexpr (default:&diffexpr)
          script local value of &diffopt.

      g:SD_hl_diffadd (default:'DiffAdd')
          highlight group of the added line(s).

      g:SD_hl_diffchange (default:'DiffChange')
          highlight group of the changed line(s).

      g:SD_hl_diffdelete (default:'DiffDelete')
          highlight group of the deleted line(s).

      g:SD_hl_difftext (default:'DiffText')
          highlight group of the one changed line.

      g:SD_sign_add (default:'+')
          sign of the added line(s).

      g:SD_sign_change (default:'*')
          sign of the changed line(s).

      g:SD_sign_delete (default:'-')
          sign of the changed line(s).

      g:SD_sign_text (default:'@')
          sign of the one changed line.
          see :help hl-DiffText

      g:SD_comp_with (default:['written', 'buffer'])
          g:SD_comp_with is List of two items.
          valid items are 'buffer'(same as 1), 'written',
          or number of revisions to revert.
          get diff output like the following.
          (if this value is default)
          $ diff written buffer > output

      g:SD_autocmd_add (default:['BufReadPost'])
          do autocmd for adding signs with these group

      g:SD_autocmd_update (default:['CursorHold', 'InsertLeave'])
          do autocmd for updating signs with these group

      g:SD_delete_files_vimleave (default:1)
          when starting VimLeave event,
          delete all files under g:SD_backupdir.

      g:SD_no_update_within_seconds (default:3)
          won't update within this seconds.
          0 to update each autocmd.
          see g:SD_autocmd_add and g:SD_autocmd_update
          about timing to throw event.

      I suggest the following map.
          nnoremap <C-l>  :SDUpdate<CR><C-l>
install details
just place this into ~/.vim/plugin/ or other runtimepaths

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
sign-diff.vim 0.0.3 2009-07-26 7.0 tyru - fix warning of SDEnable. sorry.
- add g:SD_disable.
sign-diff.vim 0.0.2 2009-07-17 7.0 tyru - supports GetLatestVimScripts
- supports Windows (but cmd.exe shows up at front most...)
- fix the bug that the changed lines are highlighted as the added lines...
- supports difftext(the one changed line). if you wish to let this plugin
behave same as previous version, put "let g:SD_sign_text = '*'" and
"let g:SD_hl_difftext = 'DiffAdd'" into your .vimrc
sign-diff.vim 0.0.1 2009-07-16 7.0 tyru - strict check the global options.
- no new files are created when g:SD_comp_with is default value.
- fix some bugs.
sign-diff.vim 0.0.0 2009-07-15 7.0 tyru Initial upload
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