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restart.vim : Restart your gVim

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          If modified buffer(s) exist, gVim won't restart.
          If you want to quit anyway, add bang(:Restart!).

  Global Variables:
      g:restart_command (default: 'Restart')
          command name to restart gVim.

      g:restart_save_window_values (default: 1)
          Save window values when restarting gVim.
          Saving values are as follows:
          - &line
          - &columns
          - gVim window position (getwinposx(), getwinposy())
          Before v0.0.1, restart.vim saves above values.
          So this variable is for compatibility.

      g:restart_save_fn (default: g:restart_save_fn is true: ['s:save_window_values'], false: [])
          This variable saves functions returning ex command.
          e.g., in your .vimrc:

              function! Hello()
                  return 'echomsg "hello"'
              let g:restart_save_fn = [function('Hello')]

          This meaningless example shows "hello" in new starting up gVim.
          When g:restart_save_window_values is true,
          this variable is ['s:save_window_values'].

              function! s:save_window_values()
                  return join([
                  \       printf('set lines=%d', &lines),
                  \       printf('set columns=%d', &columns),
                  \       printf('winpos %s %s', getwinposx(), getwinposy()),
                  \   ],
                  \   ' | '

         As you can see, this function saves current gVim's:
         - &line
         - &columns
         - getwinposx()
         - getwinposy()

      g:restart_vim_progname (default: "gvim")
         gVim program name to restart.

         Under MS Windows, you must not assign .bat file path
         to this variable. Because cmd.exe appears and won't close.

      g:restart_sessionoptions (default: "")
         If this variable is not empty, make a session from this value.
         And restore the session after vim restarts.

  - Support terminal vim
  - Support MacVim
      - MacVim support was implemented by ujihisa.
      But g:restart_sessionoptions is not recognized.
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package script version date Vim version user release notes
restart.zip 0.0.8 2011-12-01 7.0 tyru - Add |restart-tips|.
- Improve error handling while restarting
restart.zip 0.0.7 2011-03-03 7.0 tyru - separate doc to doc/restart.txt
- add g:restart_cd option (thanks thinca).
- fix minor bug.
restart.zip 0.0.6 2010-12-27 7.0 tyru - Fix error when switching to GUI using :gui
- Fix warning: Delete all buffers before starting new Vim
to not show a warning about swap file. thanks thinca.
restart.zip 0.0.5a 2010-12-04 7.0 tyru GUI MacVim support (not complete). thanks ujihisa.
restart.zip 0.0.4 2010-11-27 7.0 tyru Add g:restart_sessionoptions. thanks thinca.
restart.zip 0.0.3 2010-06-26 7.0 tyru - Add g:restart_vim_progname.
- Support MS Windows.
- Fix minor bugs.
restart.vim 0.0.2 2010-05-02 7.0 tyru - Don't show 'modified buffer(s) ...' when banged.
- Add g:restart_save_window_values, g:restart_save_fn.
restart.zip 0.0.1 2010-03-02 7.0 tyru - Do not restart if modified buffer(s) exist.
- etc.
restart.vim 0.0.0 2010-01-01 7.0 tyru Initial upload
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