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skk.vim : Japanese SKK

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* This script is an implementation of the Japanese SKK (Simple Kana to Kanji
conversion program).

* Get older versions from vimscript#1589.
(Thanks to Noriaki Yagi for inventing this script!)

* This plugin works under vim6, vim7.

* Repository
install details
Set two global variables if necessary.
  let skk_jisyo = "path to private dictionary"
  let skk_large_jisyo = "path to SKK-JISYO.[SML]"
:so skk.vim or put this script into your plugin directory.
To start SKK-mode, press <C-j> in Insert-mode or Commandline-mode.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
skk.zip 0.27.0 2011-03-10 6.0 tyru - Apply the changes of Anyakichi repository. thanks Anyakichi.
-- Add g:skk_external_prog_encoding option.
-- Improve text-wrapping behavior.
-- Add <C-c> as cancel key for word-registration.
-- Fix ";hass;uru" conversion problem when using sticky shift.
-- Do ":redraw" before showing conversion candidates.
- Move syntax/skkdict.vim to https://github.com/tyru/skkdict.vim
-- Bundle syntax/skkdict.vim and ftdetect/skkdict.vim
into zip file uploaded to www.vim.org
skk.zip 0.26.2 2010-09-03 6.0 tyru NOTE: Removed v0.26.0 from vim.org

- Fix fatal bug: g:skk_henkan_point_keys default value was wrongly changed
- Fix bug: Several keys in normal mode mapped by skk.vim do not accept [count]. Thanks Toshiki Kataoka for reporting the bug.

- Applied super blooper's JLOD patch. Thanks.
-- Added g:skk_enable_jlod_layout
skk.zip 0.25 2010-07-21 6.0 tyru - Allow non-win32 environment to use g:skk_use_color_cursor. (it was win32 only)
- Add syntax/skk.vim (SKK dictionary)
skk.zip 0.24 2010-07-06 6.0 tyru - Fix/Add more tips to skk.jax
- Implement g:skk_jisyo_encoding, g:skk_large_jisyo_encoding.
(And previous version number on vim.org was wrong: 2.3.2 => 0.23.2)
skk.zip 2.3.2 2010-06-10 6.0 tyru Initial upload
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