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Vimya : Evaluate buffer content as Python or MEL script in Autodesk® Maya®

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Stefan Göbel
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Vimya can be used to execute the contents of a Vim buffer, the current visual selection or a single command in Autodesk Maya. The plugin will save the commands to be executed in a temporary file and tell Maya via the command port to source this file. Both MEL and Python scripts are supported, Maya's log can optionally be opened in a separate preview window or tab in Vim (requires the Tail Bundle plugin: vimscript #1714).

Important: You need a Vim version with built-in Python support to run this plugin!

* news: http://subtype.de/category/vimya/
* news feed: http://subtype.de/category/vimya/index.atom
* Git repository: https://gitlab.com/goeb/vimya/
* bug tracker: https://gitlab.com/goeb/vimya/issues/
install details
Starting with version 0.3, a VimBall is provided for easy installation (requires vimscript #1502). Download the VBA file, open it in Vim and run ":so %" to install it.

Alternatively, download and extract the ZIP archive in your runtimepath, usually ~/.vim/. A help file is included, run the :helptags command to update the tag list (eg. ":helptags ~/.vim/doc/").

See ":help vimya" for usage instructions.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
vimya-0.6.vba 0.6 2021-10-01 8.0 Stefan Göbel Same as below, as VimBall.
vimya-0.6.zip 0.6 2021-10-01 8.0 Stefan Göbel Merged Talha Ahmed's VimyaWhatIs functionality.
vimya-0.5.vba 0.5 2014-05-23 7.0 Stefan Göbel Same as below, as VimBall.
vimya-0.5.zip 0.5 2014-05-23 7.0 Stefan Göbel Rewrite of most code. Includes some new functions, options and Ex commands. Please see the changelog in doc/vimya.txt for more details.
vimya-0.4.vba 0.4 2014-02-12 7.0 Stefan Göbel Same as below, as VimBall.
vimya-0.4.zip 0.4 2014-02-12 7.0 Stefan Göbel Added the vimyaTempDir and vimyaTailCommand options.
vimya-0.3.vba 0.3 2013-01-30 7.0 Stefan Göbel Same as below, as VimBall.
vimya-0.3.zip 0.3 2013-01-30 7.0 Stefan Göbel Added userCmd parameter to sendBufferToMaya() function.
vimya-0.2.zip 0.2 2009-12-27 7.0 Stefan Göbel The plugin should work on Windows now. Also, deleting temporary files did not always work as expected, this should also be fixed now.
vimya-0.1.zip 0.1 2009-05-06 7.0 Stefan Göbel Initial upload
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