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Tortoise : Automate TortoiseSVN from vim

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Hari Krishna Dara
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This lightweight plugin provides a Vim command-line interface to the TortoiseSVN, utilizing the automation commands provided by TortoiseProc.exe.

It also simplifies the interface such that the commands are shorter to type, and  you can make use of the Vim command-line completion on both the options as well as command names to make entering quicker.

TortoiseSVN is only supported on windows, and so this plugin will work only on windows. I have been using this plugin for over a couple of years now, and refactored it recently to be more robust such that I can release it to the public. I currently use Vim 7.2 and TortoiseSVN 1.6.2 and the plugin works very well. It might work equally well on other versions, but YMMV.

Here is the complete description from the script header:
  The plugin essentially works as a wrapper on top of the TortoiseProc and
  provides the following functionality:
    - Simplify command-line syntax that TortoiseProc supports.
      - Avoid specifying /command: and /path: prefixes and use less ambiguous
        "-" as prefix instead of "/" (customizable).
      - Allow multiple paths as space separated arguments, instead of having
        to use the less convenient "*" as the separator.
    - Add command-line completion to make it easier to type the commands.
    - Allow filename special characters on command-line, such as % and #10.
    - Make sure the paths are acceptable to TortoiseProc.
      - Make sure paths have back-slashes, even if 'shellslash' is currently
      - Convert relative paths to absolute paths.
    - Support some aliases to the commands, such as submit->commit,
      filelog->log, browse->repobrowser, status->repostatus
  General Syntax:
    SVN [-option[:value] ...] <command> [-option[:value] ...] [path ...]
    SVN -startrev:11000 -endrev:10000 log %
    SVN -log:just\ testing commit % # #10
    SVN update .
    SVN diff % ../other/%
  Use command-line completion for <command> name, options and <paths>. The
  completion also works for |cmdline-special| characters.
  For command names and their options refer to:
- Set g:Tortoise_Path to the location of TortoiseProc.exe (use dos short
  names if the path has spaces).
- You may use g:Tortoise_CloseOnEnd_Arg to set the "closeonend" value.
  Defaults to "2".
- You may set g:Tortoise_UseAbsolutePaths to 1 if you want to pass absolute
  paths to TortoiseSVN.
- Set g:Tortoise_OptionPrefix to "/" if you prefer the native TortoiseProc
  command syntax.
- Set g:Tortoise_OptionCompleteSuffixColon to "0" to avoid seeing ":" at the
  end of options.
install details
  - Expand the archive into your vim runtime path (~/.vim or ~/vimfiles).
  - Make sure to install genutils plugin as well (vimscript #197).
  - Also install TortoiseSVN and assign its path to g:Tortoise_Path setting in vimrc.

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tortoise-1.0.zip 1.0 2009-08-29 7.2 Hari Krishna Dara Initial upload
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