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last name Dara
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Script Contributions

SelectBuf A fast and extensible buffer explorer.
bufNwinUtils.vim *obsolete* A nice set of useful functions
lightWeightArray.vim *obsolete* Small utility to work with vim multivalues variables
idutils Simple interface with GNU id-utils (deprecated)
PushPop.vim Pushd/Popd implementation for vim command-line
chcmdmod.vim Misc. commands for search and colon mode
undoins.vim Undeleted the immediate previous or action.
foldutil.vim Utility for creating folds (using specified match criteria)
multvals.vim Array library that uses patterns as separators
remcmd.vim Send commands to remote Vim sessions
genutils General utility functions
perforce Feature Rich Perforce SCM Integration.
sql_iabbr.vim Makes all your favorite SQL keywords uppercase automatically.
ntservices Control NT services from Vim.
ntprocesses Kill NT processes from Vim
execmap Lets you relax while executing long normal or visual mode maps
BreakPts Set/View Vim breakpoints and browse functions visually
curcmdmode *obsolete* Script library to extend the notion of Vim's mode() function
cmdalias.vim Create aliases for Vim commands.
multiselect Create multiple selections and operate
Tower of Hanoi Tower of Hanoi game for Vim
Nibble Nibble or Snake game for Vim.
clipbrd Clipboard and other register content editor.
greputils Interface with grep, find and id-utils (not just another grep wrapper)
tagselect Provides a better :tselect command.
lookupfile Lookup files using Vim7 ins-completion
Notes Lightweight note taker plugin
Tortoise Automate TortoiseSVN from vim
SoftTabStops Set typewriter like tabstops.
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