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gui2term.py : Python script that add 256-color terminal support to GUI only colorschemes.

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Requirement: python3 for 2.0+. However, it should not be hard to make it work under Python 2 if you are familiar with Python (you can try the `3to2` command).

invoke it like this in commandline:
  ./gui2term.py sourcefile newfile
  python3 gui2term.py sourcefile newfile

* It searches and processes lines in a vim colorscheme that seems like a normal highlight command, so it does not work with all the colorscheme.
* Some GUI only colorschemes may use the default scheme if it found itself under a terminal. You need to manually remove these lines.
* For some colors, the output is rather bad.

gui2term is part of winterpy on github: https://github.com/lilydjwg/winterpy/tree/master/pyexe/gui2term.py
install details
Put the file wherever you like.

To make it recognize color names, the script needs the rgb.txt file (:help rgb.txt). It will check the current working directory and where it lies for it. If there is a 'locate' command on your system, it will also try to use that. The file may be found where you installed Vim; it may also be shipped with X window, emacs and some other packages.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
gui2term.py 3.0.3 2011-08-06 7.0 lilydjwg when trying 'locate' command, add '-e' option and read only one line.
gui2term.py 3.0.2 2011-06-22 7.0 lilydjwg when finding rgb.txt, try 'locate' command last.
gui2term.py 3.0.1 2011-06-17 7.0 lilydjwg - use 'NONE' instead of 'none' as the later is reported to be invalid color names sometimes
- sorted highlight args so that it is easy to remove what has been added or modified
gui2term.py 3.0 2011-06-14 7.0 lilydjwg * try to use `locate' to find rgb.txt
* improve color matching algorithm (thanks to Eric Pruitt for the idea)
* other small fixes
gui2term.py 2.0 2011-01-14 7.0 lilydjwg - Rewrite so that when there are already cterm definitions, they will be updated.
- Avoid Chinese output.
- Switch to Python 3.
gui2term.py 1.0 2009-09-06 6.0 lilydjwg Initial upload
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