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gitolite.vim : Syntax highlight and indent rules for gitolite configuration

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Teemu Matilainen
script type
Syntax highlight and indent rules for gitolite (https://github.com/sitaramc/gitolite) configuration file "gitolite.conf".

Source: https://github.com/tmatilai/gitolite.vim
install details
The recommended method is to install pathogen.vim (vimscript #2332), and then clone gitolite.vim repository (or copy the content) under ~/.vim/bundle:

    cd ~/.vim/bundle
    git clone git://github.com/tmatilai/gitolite.vim.git

Another option is to download and open the Vimball (gitolite.vba.gz) in Vim and call:
    :source %s

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
gitolite.vba.gz 13 2011-12-25 7.0 Teemu Matilainen Fix cpoptions handling. Thanks to Thilo Six.
gitolite.vba.gz 12 2011-11-26 6.0 Teemu Matilainen - Add indent rules
- Allow a comma in regex pattern for wild repos
gitolite.vba.gz 11 2011-10-07 6.0 Teemu Matilainen Highlight subconf command
gitolite.vba.gz 10 2010-08-26 6.0 Teemu Matilainen Separate C and D permissions
gitolite.vba.gz 9 2010-04-23 6.0 Teemu Matilainen "D" permission must be combined with "RW" or "RW+"
gitolite.vba.gz 8 2010-04-12 6.0 Teemu Matilainen Highlight D permission
gitolite.vba.gz 7 2010-03-25 6.0 Teemu Matilainen - Highlight USER in refexes (personal branches)
- Highlight whitespace error in group definitions
gitolite.vba.gz 6 2010-02-24 6.0 Teemu Matilainen Highlight groups in refs
gitolite.vba.gz 5 2010-02-08 6.0 Teemu Matilainen Highlight all files in gitolite-admin/conf/
gitolite.vba.gz 4 2010-02-02 6.0 Teemu Matilainen Highlight EXTCMD/ definitions
gitolite.vba.gz 3 2010-01-18 6.0 Teemu Matilainen Almost full rewrite:
- Highlight illegal characters in group, repo and ACL definitions
- Highlight wildcard repositories
- Highlight denied users/groups
- Do not require space around "=" characters
- Highlight NAME-based restrictions
gitolite.vba.gz 2 2010-01-15 6.0 Teemu Matilainen - Create a Vimball that also include ftdetect
- Support "include" command
gitolite.vim 1 2009-12-26 6.0 Teemu Matilainen Initial upload
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