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rfc syntax : Simple syntax highlight for RFC file

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Simple syntax highlight for RFC (Request For Comments) file.
It can highlight the contents, the titles and so on.

A ftplugin is also provided to use <C-]> to jump from the contents or reference note ([1] like things). You can then use <C-t> to go back. <C-o> and `` should work as expected.
install details
unzip the archive to your .vim (or vimfiles) directory.

You must add filetype detect by yourself. For example, add
  if expand('%:t') =~? 'rfc\d\+'
    setfiletype rfc
to your scripts.vim will make Vim recognize all files with name rfcXXXX as RFC file.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
rfc.zip 1.2 2013-12-31 7.0 lilydjwg * support multiple backward steps. Thanks to Chenxiong Qi
rfc.zip 1.1 2013-11-27 7.0 lilydjwg * better reference jump (thanks to Marcelo Montú)
rfc.zip 1.0 2012-01-23 7.0 lilydjwg * better <C-]> handling
* <C-t> to go back
rfc.zip 0.2.1 2010-01-21 6.0 lilydjwg FIXed a typo which causes the first line of the file to be deleted.
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