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histwin.vim : Browse the undo tree

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created by
Christian Brabandt
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Feedback is always welcome. See :h histwin-feedback.

You can now follow development of this plugin via github: http://github.com/chrisbra/histwin.vim

Vim 7 has an amazing feature that is called undo-branches. See :h undo-tree. Unfortunalley it is a little bit clumsy to use.

Therefore this plugin allows for easy navigation between the different undo-branches for a file.
See this screenshot: http://www.256bit.org/~chrisbra/vim_undotree.png
This plugin was inspired by the undo_branches plugin (http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=1997).

This plugin allows you to
- see all available undo-branches (Timestamps and Keywords)
- tag certain states
- switching to different states (including the first state (before any changes were made)
- allow to diff the selected undo-branch with the current version
- replay the changes (ok, this is just for fun ;)

Open the UndoBrowse window by issuing :UB
A new window will appear, which contains the name of the file you are watching a small help
banner that contains the most important mappings for this window and a list of all available
undo-branches (which shows the time when this change was made and your tags for that state, if there are any). On each entry you can press Enter or T to jump to that state or tag that state.

This plugin maps the following keys:
- 'Enter' on an entry jump to that state in time of the file
- 'T' tags a state with a phrase.
- 'R' lets you replay a change
- 'I' opens/closes the help banner
- 'Q' closes the window
- CTRL-L reload view
- D diff selected version
install details
edit the file histwin.vba with vim. From within vim simply load this file:
:so %

Vim will automatically install this plugin.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
histwin-0.24.vba 24 2013-02-16 7.3 Christian Brabandt - prevent loading of autoload script too early (reported by Sergey Khorev, thanks!)
- apply &fenc setting before writing file for diff (patch by Ben Fritz, thanks!)
(automatically uploaded)
histwin-0.25.vba 25 2011-08-15 7.3 Christian Brabandt fix issue 2 from github https://github.com/chrisbra/histwin/issues/2
'splitright' is set, Diffing a previous undo branch separates the window layout, reported by bootleq, thanks!)
(automatically uploaded)
histwin-0.24.vba 24 2011-08-02 7.3 Christian Brabandt :ID is already defined by the visincr plugin, instead use the command :HistID, also a wrong error message is fixed
(automatically uploaded)
histwin-0.23.vba 23 2011-07-30 7.3 Christian Brabandt Purge Undo history with "X"
(automatically uploaded)
histwin-0.22.vba 22 2011-07-27 7.3 Christian Brabandt - Display signs for changed lines
- |:ID|
- small code improvements
(automatically uploaded)
histwin-0.21.vba 21 2010-12-18 7.3 Christian Brabandt - more standard like help files
- make sure, the autoload script is only called when needed
  (and not on startup)
histwin-0.20.vba 20 2010-10-20 7.3 Christian Brabandt -Enable storing the tags as Dicionary in .viminfo
  (this might not work as expected, cause we are storing a nested
- Show a diff in the preview window when pressing P (or on autocommand
  CursorHold if enabled)
- a little bit code cleanup (as always ;))
- correctly catch E830 and give an error message (reported by D.
(automatically uploaded)
histwin-0.19.vba 19 2010-10-18 7.3 Christian Brabandt Make sure the first entry will be tagged 'Start Editing'
histwin-0.18.vba 18 2010-10-16 7.3 Christian Brabandt don't leave the buffer in nomodifiable state (reported by D. Doran)
histwin-0.17.vba 17 2010-10-10 7.3 Christian Brabandt the initial entry should be visible for Vim < 7.3.005
histwin-0.16.vba 16 2010-10-10 7.3 Christian Brabandt -more bugfixing. :UB throws errors in Vim before 7.3.005 fix that
histwin-0.15.vba 15 2010-10-07 7.3 Christian Brabandt Fixed bug when no undo-tree was available (partly by Ben Boeckel. Thanks!)
-More error handling (when the cursor is not on a list item)
-Commenting out the entry to store the histdict in a global variable, that should be written to the .viminfo file (but is not yet supported by plain vim)
histwin-0.14.vba 14 2010-09-29 7.3 Christian Brabandt (experimental version):
- don't fix the width of the histwin window
- now use the undotree() function by default (if patch 7.3.005 is
- display save states in the detailed view
- display the 'rehash' when a state is not accessible anymore
- fixed an annoying bug, that when jumping to a particular undo state,
  the plugin would jump to the wrong state (I hate octal mode)
- Make displaying the time much more reliable and also don't display
  the time, if the change happened more than 24h ago (instead, display
  the date, when this change was done).
- slightly improved error handling.
- prepare plugin, to permantly store the undotags in the viminfo file
  (this isn't supported by a plain vanilla vim and requires a patch)
- A major rewrite (code cleanup, better documentation)
histwin-0.13.vba 0.13 2010-08-31 7.2 Christian Brabandt - New version that uses Vim 7.3 persistent undo features |new-persistent-undo|
- Display saved counter in detailed view
- Display indicator for saved branches.
- in diff mode, don't set the original buffer to be nomodifiable (so you can always merge chunks).
- Check for Vim Version 7.3 (the plugin won't work with older versions of Vim)
histwin-0.12.vba 0.12 2010-05-04 7.0 Christian Brabandt - Small extension to the help file
- generate help file with 'et' set, so the README at github looks better
- Highlight the key binding using |hl-SpecialKey|
- The help tag for the color configuration was wrong.
histwin.vba 0.11 2010-04-21 7.0 Christian Brabandt - Set old buffers read only (disable the setting via the g:undo_tree_nomod variable
- Make sure, Warning Messages are really displayed using :unsilent
histwin.vba 0.10 2010-04-20 7.0 Christian Brabandt - Fixed annoying Resizing bug
- linebreak tags, if they are too long
- dynamically grow the histwin window, for longer tags (up
   to a maximum)
- Bugfix: Always indicate the correct branch
- Added a few try/catch statements and some error handling
histwin.vba 0.9 2010-01-27 7.0 Christian Brabandt BF: Error handling for Replaying (it may not work always)
NF: Finally added Documentation (see :h histwin.txt)
BF: Use syntax highlighting
BF: Tagging finally works (you can now tag additional states)
histwin.vba 0.8 2010-01-21 7.0 Christian Brabandt - NF: make speed of the replay adjustable. Use g:undo_tree_speed to set time in milliseconds
- BF: code cleanup
- BF: highlighting should work better now.
histwin.vba 0.7.2. 2010-01-20 7.0 Christian Brabandt - BF: Check undolevel Settings
- BF: make sure when switching to a different undo branch, that the undo-tree will be updated
histwin.vba 0.7.1 2010-01-20 7.0 Christian Brabandt BF: fixed a problem with mapping the keys which broke the Undo-Tree keys (I guess I don't fully understand, when to use s: and <sid>)
histwin.vba 0.7 2010-01-20 7.0 Christian Brabandt - NF: created autoloadPlugin (patch by Charles Campbell) Thanks!
- NF: enabled GLVS (patch by Charles Campbell) Thanks!
- NF: made Plugin available as histwin.vba
- NF: Check for availability of :UB before defining it
- BF: cleaned up old comments
- BF: deleted :noautocmd which could cause trouble with other plugins
- BF: small changes in coding style (<sid> to s:, fun instead of fu)
histwin.vim 0.6 2010-01-20 7.0 Christian Brabandt BF: fix missing bufname() when creating the undo_tree window
NF: make undo_tree window a little bit smaller (size is adjustable via g:undo_tree_wdth variable)
histwin.vim 0.5 2010-01-20 7.0 Christian Brabandt NF: Allow diffing with selected branch
NF: highlight current version
NF: Use changenr() to determine undobranch
NF: <C-L> updates view
NF: allow switching to initial load state, before buffer was edited
BF: Fix annoying bug, that displays --No lines in buffer--
BF: fix several small annoying bugs
histwin.vim 0.2 2010-01-19 7.2 Christian Brabandt Initial upload
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