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user name chrisbra
first name Christian
last name Brabandt
email cb256bitorg
homepage http://www.256bit.org/~chrisbra/cms/
registered Vim
user or sponsor

Script Contributions

SudoEdit.vim Edit Files using sudo or su or any other tool
Join.vim Improved Algorithm for joining lines in large files
CheckAttach.vim Check for attachments when writing mails with mutt
unicode.vim Various enhancements for using unicode and digraphs with Vim
csv.vim A Filetype plugin for csv files.
histwin.vim Browse the undo tree
SaveSigns Save and Restore your Signs
BackgroundColor.vim Define a background color for your vim
changesPlugin indicate changes of a buffer
recover.vim Show differences for recovered files
NrrwRgn A Narrow Region Plugin similar to Emacs
Replay.vim Record and Replay your editing Session
vim_faq The Vim-FAQ from vimdoc.sourceforge.net
ft_improved improved f/t command
Colorizer highlight color codes and names
DynamicSigns Use Signs for different things
DistractFree An WriteRoom/DarkRoom/OmniWrite like plugin
ShowWhiteSpace Display WhiteSpace
EnhancedDiff A Vim plugin for creating better diffs (sometimes)
vpager Pipe input from Vims internal terminal back into Vim
SudoEdit-TEST test-upload
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