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vim_faq : The Vim-FAQ from vimdoc.sourceforge.net

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Christian Brabandt
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This is the vimfaq from http://vimdoc.sf.net (with slight changes added by myself).
The new version of the faq can be found at http://vimhelp.appspot.com/

This Vim FAQ is created from the questions and answers posted to the
vim@vim.org user mailing list and the comp.editors newsgroup. There are
several ways to solve a problem in Vim. This FAQ gives one of those several
possibilities. You can explore the other ways using the information and
links given in this FAQ. The credit for the answers in this FAQ goes to
Peppe, Benji, Charles Campbell and numerous others.

This is only a documentation plugin.

The source can be found at github: http://github.com/chrisbra/vim_faq
install details
This plugin is provided as vimball. To install, simply open the .vba file with vim and source it (:so %)
(see :h vimball-introduction for details).

After installation and restarting vim, you'll find the faq at:
:h vim-faq

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
faq-46.vmb 46 2013-08-13 6 Christian Brabandt A new release for Vim 7.4
(automatically uploaded)
faq-45.vmb 45 2012-09-28 6 Christian Brabandt Fix typos by Dominique Pellé, thanks!
(automatically uploaded)
faq-44.vmb 44 2012-09-26 6 Christian Brabandt updated Q:17.3  by Daniel Hahler, thanks!
(automatically uploaded)
faq-43.vmb 43 2012-07-14 6 Christian Brabandt updated Q: 26.3 by T. Mechelynck
(automatically uploaded)
faq-41.vmb 41 2012-01-31 6 Christian Brabandt Q: 11.25
Q: 24.16
Updates on several other questions.
(automatically uploaded)
faq-39.vmb 39 2011-09-26 6 Christian Brabandt New Q: 11.24: Why does this pattern 'a.\{-}p\@!' not match?
New Q  36.12: How to debug .vimrc file?
    Q. 20.4 more verbose
(automatically uploaded)
faq-38.vba 38 2011-07-19 6 Christian Brabandt New Question 29.7: Why is syntax folding slow?
(automatically uploaded)
faq-36.vba 36 2011-06-20 6 Christian Brabandt many small changes
(automatically uploaded)
faq-35.vba 35 2011-06-17 6 Christian Brabandt (Fixed Typo, mention github repository, Thanks M.Gedminas)
New Q: 36.11: Why shouldnt I change the files in the vimruntime dir? Answer provided by G.Johnson)
(automatically uploaded)
vim_faq-34.vba 34 2011-04-12 6 Christian Brabandt Q:14.14 Annotation from Gary Johnson. Thanks!
(automatically uploaded)
faq-32.vba 32 2011-02-07 6 Christian Brabandt Question 20.20: How to use normal mode mappings from insert mode (I.Karkat)
(automatically uploaded)
faq-26.vba 26 2010-12-07 6 Christian Brabandt small changes, correct wrong tags
(automatically uploaded)
faq-25.vba 25 2010-12-06 6 Christian Brabandt Added Question 35.10 how to install required dependencis to build vim
(automatically uploaded)
faq-24.vba 24 2010-12-06 6 Christian Brabandt Detailed answer about stair stepping when pasting into vim. Provided
by Yegappan Lakshmanan in vim_use thread "how to solve this strange issue?"


(automatically uploaded)
vim_faq-23.vba 23 2010-12-03 6 Christian Brabandt fixed some small typos
(automatically uploaded)
vim_faq-16.vba 16 2010-12-03 6 Christian Brabandt fix small typo, that should also fix tags
(automatically uploaded)
vim_faq-14.vba 14 2010-11-30 6 Christian Brabandt
(automatically uploaded)
vim_faq-12.vba 12 2010-10-26 6 Christian Brabandt many small typo fixes (Dominique Pelle, thanks!)
Enabled GLVS (see :h GLVS)
(automatically uploaded)
vim_faq.vba 11 2010-10-26 7.0 Christian Brabandt Initial upload
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