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recover.vim : Show differences for recovered files

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created by
Christian Brabandt
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2. recover Manual                                       *recover-manual*


When using |recovery|, it is hard to tell, what has been changed between the
recovered file and the actual on disk version. The aim of this plugin is, to
have an easy way to see differences, between the recovered files and the files
restored on disk.

Therefore this plugin sets up an auto command, that will create a diff buffer
between the recovered file and the on-disk version of the same file. You can
easily see, what has been changed and save your recovered work back to the
file on disk.

By default this plugin is enabled. To disable it, use >

To enable this plugin again, use >

3. ChangesPlugin Feedback                                   *recover-feedback*

Feedback is always welcome. If you like the plugin, please rate it at the

You can also follow the development of the plugin at github:

Please don't hesitate to report any bugs to the maintainer, mentioned in the
third line of this document.
install details
This plugin comes as vimball, which makes it really easy to install it
into the right place.
1) Edit recover.vba with your vim (:e recover.vba)
2) From within vim, simply source the file (using :so %)
3) Restart vim to autoload the plugin and the documentation (:q)
4) Read the help at :h recoverPlugin

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
Recover-0.19.vmb 19 2015-01-15 7.3 Christian Brabandt - fix issue 29 (plugin always loaded autoload part, https://github.com/chrisbra/Recover.vim/issues/29, reported by Justin Keyes, thanks!)
- fix issue 30 (remove needless 2 second sleep, https://github.com/chrisbra/Recover.vim/issues/30, reported by Justin Keyes, thanks!)
- only reset swapfile option, if the current buffer has a name
- :RecoverPluginGet to easily get the recovered version into your buffer and finish everything up (issue 31 https://github.com/chrisbra/Recover.vim/issues/31, reported by luxigo, thanks!)
Recover-0.18.vmb 18 2013-08-15 7.3 Christian Brabandt - fix issue 19 (https://github.com/chrisbra/Recover.vim/issues/19, by
replacing feedkeys("...\n") by feedkeys("...\<cr>", reported by vlmarek,
- fix issue 20 (https://github.com/chrisbra/Recover.vim/issues/20,
(let vim automatically edit a file, that is unmodified in another vim
instance, suggested by rking, thanks!)
- merge issue 21 (https://github.com/chrisbra/Recover.vim/pull/21, create more
usefule README.md file, contribted by Shubham Rao, thanks!)
- merge issue 22 (https://github.com/chrisbra/Recover.vim/pull/22, delete BufReadPost autocommand
contributed by Marcin Szamotulski, thanks!)
Recover-0.18.vmb 18 2013-08-15 7.3 Christian Brabandt - fix issue 19 (https://github.com/chrisbra/Recover.vim/issues/19)
- fix issue 20 (https://github.com/chrisbra/Recover.vim/issues/20)
- merge issue 21 (https://github.com/chrisbra/Recover.vim/pull/21
- merge issue 22 (https://github.com/chrisbra/Recover.vim/pull/22, delete BufReadPost autocommand
  contributed by Marcin Szamotulski, thanks!)
Recover-0.17.vmb 17 2013-02-16 7.3 Christian Brabandt - fix issue 17 (https://github.com/chrisbra/Recover.vim/issues/17 patch by
  lyokha, thanks!)
- Use default key combinations in the dialog of the normal Vim dialog (adding
  only the Diff option)
- Make sure, the process ID is shown
Recover-0.16.vmb 16 2012-11-21 7.3 Christian Brabandt - Recovery did not work, when original file did not exists (issue 11
  reported by Rking, thanks!)
- By default, delete swapfile, if no differences found (issue 15
  reported by Rking, thanks!)
- reset swapfile option, so that Vim by default creates .swp files
  (idea and patch by Marcin Szamotulski, thanks!)
- capture and display |E325| message (and also try to figure out the name of
  the pid (issue 12 https://github.com/chrisbra/Recover.vim/issues/12)
Recover-0.15.vmb 15 2012-08-20 7.3 Christian Brabandt - fix issue 5 (https://github.com/chrisbra/Recover.vim/issues/5 patch by lyokha, thanks!)
- CheckSwapFileExists() hangs, when a swap file was not found, make sure,
  s:Swapname() returns a valid file name
- fix issue 6 (https://github.com/chrisbra/Recover.vim/issues/6 patch by
  lyokha, thanks!)
- Avoid recursive :redir call (https://github.com/chrisbra/Recover.vim/pull/8
  patch by Ingo Karkat, thanks!)
- Do not set 'bexpr' for unrelated buffers (
  https://github.com/chrisbra/Recover.vim/pull/9 patch by Ingo Karkat,
- Avoid aborting the diff (https://github.com/chrisbra/Recover.vim/pull/10
  patch by Ingo Karkat, thanks!)
- Allow to directly delete the swapfile (
  https://github.com/chrisbra/Recover.vim/issues/7 suggested by jgandt,
Recover-0.14.vmb 14 2012-03-31 7.3 Christian Brabandt -Finally fix issue #4
Recover-0.13.vmb 13 2012-03-29 7.3 Christian Brabandt
- fix issue 3 (
reported by lyokha, thanks!)
- Ask the user to delete the swapfile
reported by lyokha, thanks!)
Recover-0.12.vmb 12 2012-03-25 7.3 Christian Brabandt - minor documentation update
- delete swap files, if no difference found (issue https://github.com/chrisbra/Recover.vim/issues/1 reported by y, thanks!)
- fix some small issues, that prevented the development versions from working (https://github.com/chrisbra/Recover.vim/issues/2 reported by Rahul Kumar, thanks!)
Recover-0.11.vba 11 2010-10-21 7.3 Christian Brabandt use confirm() instead of inputdialog (suggested by D.Fishburn, thanks!)
Recover-0.9.vba 0.9 2010-06-02 7.0 Christian Brabandt : use feedkeys(...,'t') instead of feedkeys()  (this works more reliable, although it pollutes the history), so delete those
  spurious history entries
: |RecoverPluginHelp| shows a small help message, about diff commands (suggested by David Fishburn, thanks!)
: |RecoverPluginFinish| is a shortcut for |FinishRecovery|
Recover-0.8.vba 0.8 2010-06-01 7.0 Christian Brabandt 0.8:
:make :FinishRecovery more robust
0.7 (unreleased):
|FinishRecovery| closes the diff-window and cleans everything up (suggestion by David Fishburn)
:DeleteSwapFile is not needed anymore
Recover-0.6.vba 0.6 2010-05-31 7.0 Christian Brabandt : |recover-feedback|
: Ask to really open a diff buffer for a file (suggestion: David Fishburn, thanks!)
: DeleteSwapFile to delete the swap file, that was used to create the diff buffer
: change feedkeys(...,'t') to feedkeys('..') so that not every command appears in the history.
Recover-0.5.vba 0.5 2010-05-04 7.0 Christian Brabandt -0r command in recover plugin adds extra \n
  Patch by Sergey Khorev (Thanks!)
- generate help file with 'et' set, so the README at github looks prettier
recover.vba 0.4 2010-04-26 7.0 Christian Brabandt 0.4: Apr 26, 2010:
- handle Windows and Unix path differently
- Code cleanup
- Enabled |:GLVS|
recover.vba 0.3 2010-04-20 7.2 Christian Brabandt Initial upload
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